The Tigers trade Isaac Parades for the Austin Meadows

The Tigers trade Isaac Parades for the Austin Meadows

The Detroit Tigers received the services of Austin Meadows from Tampa Rays in exchange for Isaac Parades in the MLB.

The Detroit Tigers They did not wait long to repair the hole in the outfield created by Riley Green’s broken leg.

On Monday, they received the outfielder Austin meadows Of Tampa Bay Rays 23-year-old infield prospect Isaac Barats and competes in the 2022 B-Round Draft exam (overall planned to fall somewhere in the 60s)

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Meadows, the older brother of Tigers outfield prospect Parker Meadows, is the 2019 American League All-Star with the Race. That season, he scored .291 with 33 home runs. Last year, he scored just .234, however he did score 27 home runs in 518 ad-bats.

Meadows has a $ 4 million contract a year. He will qualify for the jury after this season and will be in control of the team until the 2024 season.

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