The soccer player pretended to receive a stone to deceive the referee

The soccer player pretended to receive a stone to deceive the referee

Photo: Twitter video capture via okdobleamarilla

An unusual and even ridiculous event during a meeting between the football teams Batanecos FC and Deportivo San Lorenzo of the third division of the Guatemalan Football League, in which a player pretended to have been hit by a stone that someone had thrown from the fair onto the stadium. Ejaculate.

Several local media reported that the game became very violent both on the stadium and in the stands, which mostly supported Deportivo San Lorenzo because it was the local team.

When the accident happened, a player from the building was lying down and the officials stopped the match, at that point, from the podium, a projectile reached the lawn in an area where there were no footballers.

Suddenly Rosen Ramos, the player of the Patanicos Football Club, approached the place and took the stone and pretended to hit his head, then fell to the ground and began to pretend to be in pain, he did it better than the Brazilian star Neymar.

Before his groaning rhythms, several local soccer players approached and one of them took the projectile and threw it off the field, but Rosen kept agonizing over the “pain”. More players came, including the referee, but local media say nobody believed him and the match resumed normally.

At the end of the match, Deportivo San Lorenzo San Lorenzo defeated Patanicos 3-1, and the whole world knows Rospin Ramos, unfortunately because of his shameful and unsportsmanlike performance.

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