‘I am concerned that the Cuban revolution will become counter-revolutionary,’ says Silvio Rodriguez.

‘I am concerned that the Cuban revolution will become counter-revolutionary,’ says Silvio Rodriguez.

Cuban Troubadour Silvio RodriguezWorld Health Organization qualified He described Armando Franco Senin’s expulsion from the university’s magazine as “sad”. alma materShe said Be concerned that “the revolution will end up being counter-revolutionary” and its opponents will emerge or end up being “revolutionaries”And In the comments posted on your blogSecond date.

Rodriguez, who is known for his support of the Cuban regime, commented in a blog post that he finds “no contradiction” that the magazine alma mater to be affiliated with Communist Youth Union (UJC), But he finds it “disturbing” that “instead of opening up, the leadership continues to show signs of shutting down. Even to me it seems very dangerous, at this point.”

The musician went on to say that he considered “A very dangerous contradiction that political organizations insist on being outdatedinconsistent with the rebellious and rebellious spirit that characterizes young people of all time.”

I worry that the revolution (or whatever its name is used) will end up being counter-revolutionary and that what confronts it will turn out or end up being revolutionary.”Rodriguez added, who ended the publication with the slogans “Long live a free Cuba” and “Down with the embargo.”

Soon after, in Another comment In his blog, the troubadour said so Plurality Doesn’t Seem “Essential”Contrary to what he believes, “those who want to reverse everything the revolution did.”

But the Cuban musician said,There should be spaces where everyone can express their opinions.” And that the policy about The press in Cuba “You should get a lot better.”

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There are many freedoms we deserve (In business and trade) I think that they will not reflect the achievements of the revolution, although it will affect the bureaucratic control and some of the unpunished powers that we suffer from.”

Rodriguez’s words occur in the middle controversy caused by Cuban journalist Armando Franco Senen sacked magazine manager position alma materwhich was founded by Julio Antonio Mella in 1922 with the aim of representing university students, although it is now affiliated with the UIC.

Also the leader of the Buena Fey group, Yisrael Rojas Viel, He showed his support for Franco Senin and asked through Share on your social networks They put him to run the magazine Bohemiabecause “perhaps this is how such a historic and necessary publication is salvaged”.

Many people who use social networks are now lamenting the dismissal of Armando Franco SinenThey were its architects, directly or indirectly, when they didn’t like dealing with a particular subject,” the musician said, blaming the magazine’s readers and omitting the role of the UJC.

“To the expelled, all my admiration. He was a self-respecting revolutionary who had to gnaw on the uncomfortable jaws of our social life. Otherwise, you won’t be able to prove that ability inherent in the basics: reborn! “

The dismissal of the young cadre provoked an unprecedented reaction within the ruling partybecause both the head Federation of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), Ricardo Roncello, like his deputy, Ariel Terero, publicly rejected the decision of the National Bureau of the Jewish Courts Union.

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When consulting DIARIO DE CUBA, Franco Sinen said what or what”It is a decision of the organization (UJC) to which you belong alma mater”.

Other than that, I don’t have much to talk about. You will understand that there is the heat of the moment and that there is an open process around that. “We are in delivery and such and at this time I can’t tell you anything else,” he added.

Regarding the possibility of appealing the decision of the official body, “It’s not an option I’m evaluating right now,” Franco Cini said.

But, Responsible for the press in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Enrique Vilwendas, He said he met with Franco Sinen“who has a lot to contribute,” and listened to their concerns about the magazine alma materratified by the “will of the Palestinian Political Council to serve them”.

The journalist’s dismissal also caused a wave of resignations in the university press And widespread criticism by official journalists on social networks.

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