The team was eliminated and will now play in the same edition of the Champions League final

The team was eliminated and will now play in the same edition of the Champions League final


The Liverpool It then entered the Champions League final again Remove Villarreal with a fantastic comeback Ceramics ground.

Celebration of Liverpool advancing to the Champions League final

One of the key players in this record is the Colombian player Louis DiazHe was eliminated from the tournament when he played a few months ago Porto And today he was given the ‘MVP’ award of the competition.

The coffee midfielder is undoubtedly one of the manifestations of the competition because he will start this path with one team and play in the final for another team, perhaps he can elevate ‘Oregona’ in Paris.

Dias Started playing this version Porto, His club until January 30, 2022. Coincidentally, the Portuguese team was in Group B with Liverpool, Atletico and Milan. Although they received a consolation prize for going to the Europa League, the Dragons were eliminated.

At that point the Colombian player scored two goals, against which he scored Milan In every match. Almost two months after being eliminated from the competition, The Liverpool He signed him and introduced him to the knockout stages. There he has scored two goals so far, one Benfica In the first leg of the quarterfinals and now Villarreal In the semifinals. This is a very surprising case, as UEFA allows one footballer to play for two teams in the same edition of the Champions League.

The coach himself Jர்கrgen Globe Was shocked by the conditions Dias And the way he adapted to himself Liverpool. “It had an incredible impact, but I didn’t particularly want to talk about it. We were a bit more consistent and a bit more consistent against the man-to-man defense. We had less movement and we needed different kinds of options,” German said at the end of the match.

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“Surprise. It will strike you fearlessly. It will strike you again and again,” said the captain Van Dijk About the Colombian, who has made him a team player since he was a rival.

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