Tips on How to Create Custom Designs for Company Wallpapers

Tips on How to Create Custom Designs for Company Wallpapers

Take a look at your computer, what is your desktop wallpaper? Some pictures you downloaded from the Internet? Or maybe a picture from a vacation? About the same situation happens on computers at different firms. Employees install on their work computers different wallpapers, which spoil the corporate image and are of no use to the company. For private computers, this is fine because it is a purely personal matter, but if we’re talking about work computers, it’s better to install the corporate desktop wallpaper! In our short article, we will tell you how to design wallpaper for corporate computers.

Make Your Company Great Again with Custom Designs of Corporate Desktop Wallpaper 

Many people’s desktop background can be anything, whether it’s a photo, a picture of a butterfly, a calendar, or some kind of abstraction. Many people like to choose the wallpaper on their devices, they want to distinguish themselves and be original. Some select the standard wallpaper and never pay attention to it. For personal use is acceptable in both options, but if we are talking about a large company, then such a variety of desktop backgrounds can have a detrimental effect on the image of the brand. Many advanced firms use branded wallpaper to unify the dress code of the company, to introduce standards that reinforce the perception of the company as professional. So what’s the best way to use a corporate wallpaper background?

Best Practices of the Custom Wallpaper Designs Usage

We’ve done a lot of research on this issue and concluded that sticking to these 5 recommendations will help you achieve the perfect wallpaper for corporate desktops.

  1. The first thing you should do is conduct an audit of all of your employees’ monitor sizes. As you know, there are dozens of different resolutions and screen sizes, so it’s best to know what kind of wallpaper you should order. In addition, make sure that the picture is of good quality.
  2. Make a visualization, think of what you would like to place on the wallpaper, where the text should be, where to put the company logo, and so on. Choose a neutral color so that it does not distract your employees from their work. In this case, do not overdo it, because many details on the wallpaper will only get in the way, not useful. Try to use a medium font and illustrations size, too small will get lost behind folders.
  3. Next, you need to fill the wallpaper with meaning. Gather all the data about the company: goals, objectives, and company motto. It is important to remember that, first and foremost, the wallpaper should increase the perception and loyalty of employees to the company. If the company’s values are always in view, then your employees will also consider them as their values.  If your goal is just to create meaningless wallpaper, then it’s best not to waste your time on it.
  4. Hold a meeting with your employees and tell them the pros of such wallpaper, why you installed it, and how it will improve their work. Then the employees will not have any conflicting thoughts.

Custom Designs for Company Wallpapers: To Be or Not to Be?

Corporate desktop wallpapers are not a way to control employees or impose values on them. It is a great way to maintain communication remotely, or within the company, as well as informing about the news, achievements, and successes of colleagues. In addition, high-quality and beautifully colorized corporate wallpapers will have a positive impact on the employer’s brand, as well as increase employee loyalty. Because if professionals see that the company has not just designed a wallpaper, but also made it beautiful with useful content – they will understand that the employer appreciates them.

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