The Top Sports for People Who Enjoy Placing a Wager on the Outcome

The Top Sports for People Who Enjoy Placing a Wager on the Outcome

People often like to bet on the sports they like, but they’re not always the best sports to bet on. Some sports will only offer limited betting options and they can be very difficult to predict. On the other hand, there are games that offer tons of different ways to bet and have fewer variables to think about. This is why you should do your research on different sports and see which ones would give you the best odds of winning. Here are some of the top sports for people who enjoy placing a wager on the outcome.

College Football

College football is one of the best sports to bet on for many reasons. Someone with advanced knowledge of football can pick up on cues that could allow them to find possible upsets. College football is also a better option than the NFL since the talent is much more lopsided.

The only issue with football is that sports with more players tend to be more difficult to predict. However, you could be able to spot bad matchups on defense, or weaknesses certain teams have that other teams could capitalize on.

College football is especially a great option for betting if you understand defense since defense plays a very important role in the game. You should also know what’s happening internally between players, look at weather conditions, and see who’s injured on both teams.

College football also offers a wide variety of betting options, but you need to check the laws in your state to see if they’re legal. If you are thinking of betting in Arizona, for instance, you should know that the state does not allow proposition bets, so you’ll have to look at other options.

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Combat Sports

Combat sports are another great option if you love betting. Combat sports tend to be more predictable since fewer people are involved. If you know how to read fighters impartially and pick up on intangibles, then you could make some good money betting on either UFC or boxing.

You need to have a good understanding of different fighting styles and how they fare against others. You also need to look at things such as a fighter’s footwork, speed, reflexes, stamina, and much more.

If you notice that a boxer is a favorite against another, for instance, but they are slow and don’t have much punching resistance, and the other boxer has great reflexes and power, then this could be an upset in the making. If you think that you have the skills to read these kinds of things and understand the mental aspect of combat sports as well, this is definitely a sport you could consider.


Basketball is also a great sport to bet on. One of the best things about betting on basketball is how important of a role individual players play. If you understand which positions are the most important and have some inside knowledge of different teams, betting on basketball games could give you some predictable results.

If you know that a team doesn’t have a point guard or there are chemistry issues with a certain team, you could capitalize on that. If you notice that a team that doesn’t have a rim protector is going against one that plays big but isn’t as good on paper, you could capitalize on this as well.

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Another benefit of basketball is the huge number of betting options. You can bet on everything from how many points a team will score in a quarter to how many threes a player will get. This makes the game more interesting and offers bettors more opportunities to cash in on their knowledge of the sport.


Soccer is one of the best sports to bet on for many reasons. It might not be the easiest to predict, but it offers so many betting options. There are literally thousands of teams around the world you can bet on and tons of different prop bets. You can bet on individual performances, how many goals will be scored in a half, how many cards will be given out, etc. You could even bet on whether the final score will be an odd or even number, or if a particular player is going to score on his own goal. This is a great option for people who like variety and have a good knowledge of the sport.


Betting on golf is much simpler than many people imagine, and if you know the game, there are tons of tournaments you can bet on throughout the year. One of the most important things to look at when betting on golf is trends in a player’s performance. If a player has been performing poorly recently or tends to do well on a particular course, this is all information you could use to your advantage. You should also pay special attention to things like weather and recent injuries, and consider betting on multiple golfers instead of just one.

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These are some of the sports that offer the best odds for gamblers and the greatest betting options. Try those that pique your interest the most and be ready to study them in-depth.

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