The train driver has been taken to hospital after derailing at Kirkby Station

The train driver has been taken to hospital after derailing at Kirkby Station

Merseyrail has now confirmed that a train was shockingly derailed at Kirkby Station this evening after crashing into a buffer station.

Today, investigators launched an investigation into how the train managed to leave the tracks in such a dangerous way shortly after 6:30 pm. Leaving behind heavy damage.

It has now emerged that the Mercerile service driver has been taken to hospital by ambulance as a precaution.

There were twelve passengers on board 6.35pm Travel from Knowsley towards Liverpool, with two crew members.

They were described as being “walked”, with minor injuries.

After the collapse, all the passengers managed to get off the train and medics examined them at the scene of the accident.

Emergency services at Kirkby Train Station (Peak Andrew Tebay).

They did not need additional medical treatment, but the train driver was taken to hospital.

The train hit the buffer station, a device designed to prevent railroad cars from crossing the end of a physical section of the track.

It happened when the Merseyrail service was heading to the station.

A derailment caused an enormous amount of damage, and photos from the scene in Kirkby revealed a great deal of debris, rubble, and shattering concrete.

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Sections on the side of the platform appear to have collapsed due to the collision.

The accident resulted in a massive emergency at Kirkby train station and in the hours that followed, an urgent meeting took place between officials from Mercerile, Network Rail, Merseyside Fire Service, Merseyside Police, Northwest Ambulance Service, British Transport Police and the Knowsley Council.

Reports from the fire service that the train also collided with a bridge were still unconfirmed, and Merceril was not clear on that point.

The train derailed at Kirkby station, causing extensive damage

A Mercerrill spokesman told the European Humanitarian Aid Office: “The train at 18:35 this evening from Kirkby to Liverpool collided with the buffer station at Kirkby and derailed.

There were 12 passengers and two crew members on board.

All passengers and staff were examined by paramedics at the scene and there was no need for further medical treatment.

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“The driver has been taken to hospital as a precaution,” he added.

The circumstances surrounding the accident are now being fully investigated and Kirkby Station will remain closed until further notice.

Tonight’s services end at Kirkby at Rice Lane and alternate rail buses run to Vasuckerley and Kirkby.

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Emergency services at Kirkby Train Station (Peak Andrew Tippay).

“Anyone wishing to travel to Fazakerley or Kirkby starting tomorrow must take Ormskirk services to Aintree as an alternative rail bus operates and connects to Fazakerley and Kirkby stations.”

A spokeswoman for the Northwest Ambulance Service said: “We received the call at 18:55 to Kirkby Railway Station.

“We have dispatched our Hazardous Area Response Team, Operations Commander, Advanced Paramedic, two ambulance crews, and a Rapid Response Medic.

Can you help us cover Merseyside?

“The air ambulance crew came in their car.

“Twelve patients were evaluated at the scene and only one went to Aintree Hospital for further treatment.”

A British Transport Police spokesperson said: “We were called to Kirkby Railway Station, Merseyside, at 7.01 pm today (13 March) following news of a train derailing on its way to the station.

Emergency services at Kirkby Train Station (Peak Andrew Tippay).

Emergency services at Kirkby Train Station (Peak Andrew Tippay).

“Officers, paramedics and fire services attended – fortunately no one was seriously injured.

“Investigations are ongoing and we are still investigating the circumstances of the accident.”

National Rail said the travel disruption in Kirkby will continue for some time.

They added in an update: “The disruption in Kirkby will continue at least until the end of the day on Sunday March 14th and will likely affect all trains from Kirkby (including Northern and Mercerile services) from Monday March 15th.

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On Sunday, trains will not run between Liverpool Central and Kirkby.

“Clients should use Ormskirk Line services.

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For Rice Lane customers, they should use Walton Station and walk to Rice Lane.

“For Vasackerly and Kirkby, there will be an alternate bus departing from Aintree.”

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