The trick to sending a cross message to your friends

The trick to sending a cross message to your friends

If you still do not know how to overcome a Text Inside Share, We explain to you here so that you do not have difficulties, because it is a very simple one that you can do in a few seconds.

You know, popular Application WhatsApp allows you to send messages in italic, bold and another font style.

However, very few people know how to send strike through text in the most popular application in the world.

That’s why we are going to help you, so follow the steps that we will mention or observe.

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Please note that this trick does not require you to install weird apps that endanger not only your personal information but also your WhatsApp messages.

  • The first thing you need to do is install the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • You can update it from the Google Play or iOS Store.
  • Now you only need to enter one of your conversations.
  • Write the text at that time.
  • Now place a “~” symbol at the beginning and end.
  • Send your message now.
  • At that time you will see the shortcut text on WhatsApp.
  • Keep in mind that you can also thicken by placing a “*” at the beginning and end of your sentence.
  • In the case of monospast “” ‘” and gradient “_”.

On the other hand, we always recommend updating applications to prevent some malware from compromising our security.

In fact, right now, biosecurity experts are warning WhatsApp users to keep the v2.21.22.7 patch because it contains a bug that can cause the smartphone’s internal memory to be corrupted.

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The National Institutes of Cyber ​​Security of Spain (INCIBE) in Spain warned WhatsApp users of the serious vulnerability found in the above version, which is available in the standard version of the application and in the WhatsApp business.

If you do not update the application, you run the risk of receiving malicious images that “cause buffer overflow”.

Whether you have this version or not, we recommend updating WhatsApp soon to avoid being vulnerable to hackers.

If you have Android, open the Google Play Store and tap the menu icon> My Apps & Games. There you will see the UPDATE button next to WhatsApp Messenger.

For iOS, open the App Store and click Updates. Click on UPDATE next to WhatsApp Messenger.

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