Stylish Celebrities That Make Wearing Glasses Effortlessly Cool

Stylish Celebrities That Make Wearing Glasses Effortlessly Cool

Glasses haven’t always enjoyed the best of reputations when it comes to coolness, but with the vast range of stylish frames and cutting-edge designs now available, they can be a key component of an effortlessly on-trend look. Here are the celebs that are showing the world how it’s done when it comes to sophisticated speccy chic.


Regularly seen sporting a pair of oversized, dramatic black-framed specs, Rihanna’s cool credentials are only emphasized by her choice of eye-wear. This look works best for those with a heart-shaped or oval face and is a great way to emphasize a pixie-cut or close crop. Team with vintage dresses and boots, or with laid-back lounge-wear, a pair of glasses like this has the potential to take the rest of your ensemble to the next level. Like Rihanna, keep other jewelry and accessories to a minimum when you’re rocking these specs to avoid risking overloading your look.

Idris Elba

It needs to be recognized, of course, that some people would look good wearing a bin bag, but that’s no reason to deny that Idris Elba makes wearing glasses very cool indeed. Whether it’s vintage-look Wayfarers or lightweight, frameless specs, Idris carries them off in style. Frameless glasses exude contemporary chic and can be worn by most face shapes; it’s worth noting, though, that this type of eyewear tends to be relatively wide towards the top, and so care will need to be taken that they don’t work to overbalance the features. Not something that Mr. Elba needs to concern himself about, however.

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Taylor Swift

With both standard and prescription lenses available, it’s no surprise that this pop princess is regularly seen sporting a pair of Ray-Bans – possibly the most iconic name in the world of eyewear. Ray-Bans began life in the 1930s and have been a favorite with fashionistas and the glitterati ever since; Tom Cruise, Beyonce, and Brad Pitt are other well-known fans of this particular eyewear. Ray-Bans are available in many distinctive styles, including the ever-popular Wayfarer and Clubmaster; view the full range at As well as standard prescription, many of the choices can be fitted with bifocal or progressive lenses, and there is the option for polarization, mirroring, or blue light blocking to be incorporated into the lenses, too.

Kit Harington

When he’s not involved in various shenanigans involving direwolves or bloody battles, Kit wears a pair of simple retro-style round glasses. Winter may be coming, but things are already mightily cool when it comes to his fashion sense; round frames are extremely on-trend right now, and several designer labels are featuring this style of shade in their current collections.

If your face shape is square or heart-shaped, this type of eyewear design is likely to look great. Opt for plain or tortoiseshell frames to make sure that your look is bang on the money.

Cate Blanchett

Cate is regularly seen rocking many different types of eyewear, from vintage oversized frames to bold, brightly colored retro shades. Having a few pairs of glasses in different styles or that feature differently colored frames is a great way to make sure you can always match your specs with the rest of your outfit. You could consider having glasses in a simple, classic design for daywear and keeping a pair for ‘best’ that have, for example, embellished frames or bolder styling.

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With glasses more affordable than ever before, and with many retailers offering two-for-one promotions or seasonal discounts, having a second (and even a third!) pair of spectacles could make for a very wise fashion move. Not to mention negating the need for panic if your primary pair suffers a catastrophic incident.

Emmy Rossum

Emmy is frequently sighted wearing a statement pair of red-framed prescription glasses and looking awesome in them, too, we must add. The splash of color that specs’ frames can provide is a wonderful way to add vibrancy to a look, especially in the duller winter months when we’re bundled up in heavy coats and scarves and just a sliver of our faces is on view.

Choose a frame color that will work perfectly with your skin tone for the most flattering effect possible. Those with a cool skin tone should opt for frames in black, silver, tortoiseshell, plum, and magenta, while those with warmer skin tones should select gold, khaki, peach, coral, orange, and off-white shades to complement their complexion.

Robert Downey Jr

Tinted spectacles are the go-to eyewear of choice for the Ironman star, who regularly sports light blue or light red lenses. There are many benefits of opting for a tinted lens; for example, blue tints are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can help cut out glare, making driving in certain conditions easier; they’re thought to enhance color perception, too. Yellow or orange-tinted lenses, on the other hand, can be beneficial when worn in low lighting as they can make the surroundings appear brighter, although they may cause some color distortion. Green tints are great for sports played in the sunshine, as they are thought to help filter out UV rays.

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