The truth is revealed, because of him Alexis Vega will leave Chivas

The truth is revealed, because of him Alexis Vega will leave Chivas
Alexis Vega could leave Chivas as he has not yet renewed his contract with the club.

the Chivas Riadas from Guadalajara They can lose one of the most talented football players, because according to various media in MontereyAnd Alexis Vega I’ll be there very soon Scheme.

According to data from TransfermarktAlexis Vega has a contract with chivas Until December 2022, so this will be the last chance for chivas To negotiate him before he becomes a free player in the event that his association with the club is not renewed.

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According to technical journalist Alex Ramirez, Marcelo Michel Leno Make it very clear to vega He is an important player in the team and they depend on him, but the board of directors is headed by him Ricardo Pelayes He wouldn’t have made a good enough bid for the player to sign a contract extension.

How much does Alexis Vega earn in Chivas?

According to sports salary portal data, Alexis Vega He will get a salary of 7.8 million pesos annually, far from the best salaries in Egypt chivas, so he was looking for a big salary improvement to be able to stay at the club, which is Ricardo Pelayes You’ll need better management if you don’t want to vega I ended up leaving the club.

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