Images is a new space for artists

Images is a new space for artists

The issue of self-management in the arts has opened the way for residency spaces and programs in Mexico in order to generate exchanges that foster creativity, experiences, and knowledge with other local communities.

In this sense, Guadalupe s Vicente as a pillow they created”the South’, an artist-led art residency in Mexico City whose primary focus is on providing a quiet space for artists to live and create, as well as encouraging residents to connect with other members of the capital’s art scene.

“We encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas between residents and the local community by organizing weekly meetings, open studios and visits to galleries and exhibitions,” he explained. Vicente as a pillow.

Additionally, Quesada said families are welcome for them, so they have spaces with more room for those who want this type of accommodation.

Since its inception, El Sur has held many exhibitions such as Paul Lahana’s “What Have I Done”; “The world is colorful and color is magic. Is it a world of magic?”, by Chloe Tourneau; “There Are Things You Should Know,” by Teoma Richard; and “Reinterpretation” by Stacy Lawrence.

About the date of application, Vicente as a pillow Make it clear that there is no set deadline, so it is necessary to apply for the form and read the requirements page.

Regarding the importance of housing, the Artist Explain that this is important because it favors cultural exchange and Technical, because they encourage experimentation and new ideas as well as research and development of new work.

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