The UK will issue 10,500 post-Brexit visas to alleviate labor shortages

The UK will issue 10,500 post-Brexit visas to alleviate labor shortages

The United Kingdom will issue 10,500 temporary work visas in response to labor shortages, an unexpected turnaround in immigration after it was taken over by the Brexit government on Saturday.

These permits will last for three months from October to December and will address the shortage of transport and manpower in key sectors of the British economy such as poultry farming.

In recent days, despite the government’s efforts to reassure the public, crowds of Britons have rushed to gas stations, after many items have been sold in stores and supermarkets.

The decision to issue the visa clashed with the line protected by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose government did not stop insisting that the UK should not be dependent on foreign workers.

Despite warnings from several economic departments and a shortage of 100,000 trucks, for months, executives tried to avoid seeking outsourcing.

Prior to the Christmas holidays, Transport Secretary Grant Shops explained that the issuance of exceptional measures other than work visas would be guaranteed.

Thus, in the coming weeks, selectors from the Ministry of Defense will be mobilized to approve thousands of permits for freight vehicles.

The Ministry of Education and its partner companies will open up millions of pounds to train 4,000 trucks and set up training camps.

He asked shopkeepers to help “improve working conditions and wages to retain new drivers”.

In addition, one million letters will be sent asking those who hold a truck driver’s license and do not use it to return to work.

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Boris Johnson has to deal with growing pressure. The Govt-19 crisis and the effects of Brexit have exacerbated the deficit, while energy prices have risen.

Factories, restaurants and supermarkets have been affected by the lack of trucks for weeks or even months.

The fast food chain McDonald’s last month ran out of shakes and drinks. Its rival KFC was forced to remove some items from its menu, and Nando’s chain had to temporarily close dozens of restaurants because it did not have enough chickens to meet the demand.

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