The United States criticized the detention of opposition leaders by the Chavista regime: “It is a violation of the Barbados Agreement”

The United States criticized the detention of opposition leaders by the Chavista regime: “It is a violation of the Barbados Agreement”
Nicolas Maduro (EFE/Bianvenido Velasco)

The United States expressed concern about the arrest of opposition leaders by Chavismo in Venezuela and accused the regime of doing so. Nicolas Maduro To violate Barbados Convention. This was stated by Joe Biden's director for the region, Brian Nicholswho also called for the freedom of human rights lawyers, Rocio San Miguel.

In a message on his phone, Guillermo Lopez, there are clear violations of the Barbados Agreement.”

We demand his immediate and unconditional release, as well as all unjustly detained Venezuelans, including Rocío San Miguel.Nichols added.

US State Department point person for Latin America, Brian Nichols (EFE/Rodrigo Sura)

Just yesterday, Victor Venegas, one of my collaborators Maria Corina Machado Who was arrested by the Chavez regime, was released after two months of detention.

The Human Rights Commission in SIL said that Venegas, the political secretary of this formation in the state of Barinas (west), “was released on March 11 of this year, after being arbitrarily detained” on January 17 and “subjected to enforced disappearance by the regime.” . Venezuela in X.

The Ministry of Public Affairs (MP, Public Prosecutor's Office) accused the unionist in January of being “involved in developing activities against the peace of the Republic” and of being “part of a group aiming to turn the state of Barinas into a state of Barinas.” The epicenter of “violent” acts, according to a statement issued by the authority at the time.

Luis Camakaro (social networking sites)

The Viente Venezuela Human Rights Commission celebrated Venegas' release and again called for his release Luis Camacaro, Juan Fritz, Guillermo Lopez and Emil BrandtAnd Machado's regional collaborators, the first three were arrested last January and the last last Friday, according to the formation.

“We continue to raise our voices for our four colleagues who are still detained,” added the party committee of Machado, the main opposition coalition’s candidate for the presidential elections scheduled for July 28, in which she hopes to compete despite her ineligibility that prevents her from holding public office in the elections. Popularity: “We demand the release of all political prisoners.” Until 2036.

In January, Chavez's government, after condemning plots that included the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro, activated “Bolivarian Rage,” a plan to “defend the right to peace” that has alarmed NGOs and opponents, who warn of a “resurgence.” Political repression and persecution months before the presidential elections.

Venezuelan activist Rocio San Miguel (EFE/Jeffrey Arguedas)

Several non-governmental organizations once again called for the release of the Venezuelan activist Rocio San Miguelwho had already been detained for more than a month, for her alleged connection to a conspiracy that included a plan to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro.

Ali Daniels, director of Access to Justice, told the agency Evie That lawyer and head of the NGO Ciudadano Monitor remains “He could not hire lawyers.”This represents “another violation” of their rights.

Moreover, he asserted that San Miguel's right to the presumption of innocence had been violated by “a huge and massive communications campaign launched by the state media, in an attempt to issue an early ruling against someone who had not even “been able to hire lawyers he trusted.”

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“We demand that their rights be respected,” Daniels insisted.

In the NGO Foro Penal, there are 264 people, including 19 women.

On that social network, the “Provia” organization also called for the release of the activist, who “is still unable to contact her lawyer.”

Attorney General Tarek William Saab said on February 19 that San Miguel had “delivered information” about military defense systems to the European Union ambassador and to the embassies of three other countries, without specifying whom.

More than 200 organizations and 415 members of Venezuelan civil society rejected the “arbitrary arrest” of the activist who was arrested at Maiquetia International Airport, which serves Caracas, when she was preparing to travel with her daughter.

(With information from EFE)

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