“Let Diaz-Canel come!”: Mothers with their children block a highway in Havana

“Let Diaz-Canel come!”: Mothers with their children block a highway in Havana

Dozens of women with children made a chain Traffic blocked On a highway in the outskirts of Havana, chanting “Let Diaz-Canel come!”as shown in a video posted by Cuban oppositionist Rosa Maria Paya on her social networks.

The video was recorded by the crew of the car that was traveling on this road, without indicating the exact place or date on which the events took place.

According to Mario Juan Benton, a journalist at AméricaTeVé in Miami, Persons requesting a response from the authorities will be housed prior to their placement.

in second videoshared by YouTuber Alain Paparazzi, can be seen when a robotic police officer arrives at the scene, while indistinct screams are heard from the women who remain in the middle of the road.

In April 2021 A similar popular protest ensuedwhen a group of protected people, especially mothers, blocked traffic on a Havana street, holding up banners calling for attention to the often inhuman conditions they have lived in for decades, in the hope that the authorities would keep their promises to provide them with worthy housing.

After these events, protests broke out in many of the 104 temporary settlements in the Cuban capital., among them the community of crossing Bahia Plaza, in Habana del Este; Las Guásimas, in Arroyo Naranjo, and El Cuervo, in Calabazar, Boyeros.

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“There are more than 30 rooms and he lives between five Ten people each in appalling conditions.”

“There have been shelters for nearly 30 years. Everyone has been waiting for a solution to our housing issues. We don’t have water because the tank is contaminated and skin problems like scabies have appeared. Electricians have had problems with malfunctioning electrical registers. Turning on Wednesday that night a short circuit occurred, and the house caught fire.” We were left without electricity, with many children, some of them newborns, without being able to cook for mothers in electric kitchens.”

This situation occurs during The government prioritizes building housing for members of the armed forces, the Ministry of Interior, and other repressive agencies.

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