The United States Embassy warns its citizens not to use taxis at national airports

The United States Embassy warns its citizens not to use taxis at national airports

The US Embassy in Santiago, through a statement, advised tourists from North America Do not take unauthorized taxi services at national airports For recent crimes committed by drivers against visitors to the country.

The American authority in Chile received continuous alerts about crimes committed against passengers who used taxis or car services not authorized by the airport. Passengers reported theft of their belongings and high transportation fares.

Through the statement, the North American Embassy implemented a An advisory warning against bad practices of drivers of this means of transport, such as::

  • Use official travel apps and taxis at official airport stops
  • Avoid using unmetered taxis and/or unauthorized services outside airports
  • Do not physically resist any attempted robbery.
  • Stay away from the lights.
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Do not leave any personal items in the taxi
  • Review your personal safety plans
  • Bring the correct ID.

next to, Try to find out the amount that will be deducted before presenting the card for final payment for the trip, and carefully review the amount that will be deducted at the mobile card machines.Including the number of zeros displayed on the screen.

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