Scandal: Martino didn't sell El Tri against Argentina, he handed it over

Scandal: Martino didn't sell El Tri against Argentina, he handed it over

Edson Alvarez's testimony about Martino's reasons for not fielding him in Mexico's loss to Argentina in Qatar confirms suspicions that Tata was not trying to win that match.

LOS ANGELES — Finally Edson Alvarez After Qatar's defeat, he made public his private speech in the corridors of Qatar's Lusail Stadium. MexicoMovement Gerardo MartinoIn view Argentina (2-0)

–Why didn't you play?–, he questioned Edson A Mexican TV reporter in the transit zone for media with World Cup broadcast rights.

“You tell me because I don't understand it!” replied Edson, the undisputed owner. Gerardo Martino He didn't play a single minute that night, and despite being the best footballer to cover Lionel Messi's approach zone to the Mexican side immediately, he certainly gave it a nerve to make it 1-0. , emotional and mental stagnation Hector Herrera's physique.

Earlier, the same reporter had questioned Guillermo Ochoa. “What happened (against Argentina)?” The Tri goalkeeper replied: “Nothing, it's (Gerardo Martino) a…!”

A few hours later, Juan Carlos Zúnica, director of W Radio, described a similar approach with the Mexican group in his live report, with similar reactions. At the discussion table, Alberto García Aspe responded by quoting Edson Alvarez. Zunika's determined silence confirmed the suspicions.

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Against Argentina, Gerardo Martino decided to use two players trapped in the defensive wall, pushing Edson Alvarez aside. But Andres Curtado had to leave in the first half, suffering from arthritis in his knees, and it was already clear that Hector Herrera would not be able to last more than 60 or 70 minutes against Poland and in friendlies. maximum. , in court.

Edson, however, started in the 0-0 draw with Poland and would go on to win 2-1 against Saudi Arabia, before being split on the bench against Argentina that night in Lusail.

When these disagreements between Edson and Ochoa were made known via ESPN breaks after the match against Argentina, Tri defenders immediately stood up to defend Tata Martino, denying the facts that Edson Alvarez confirmed in a chat with CalienteTV this week.

In the talk, Edson Álvarez points to his rapport with Martino, who claims the Argentine coach asked him about Ajax Amsterdam's training methods. For this reason, the Mexico midfielder was shocked to find himself without minutes against Argentina.

It was clear to all that Edson, physically, technically and footballingly, was far superior to Andres Cuartado and Hector Herrera, already bearing the hallmarks of a worthy career in European football.



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Rafa Ramos and Eli Patino talk about the spectacle Gerardo Martino enjoys when he visits Mexican stadiums at the Concachamps.

However, Gerardo Martino's administration has been marred by insurgency, lies and lies, such as his denial almost under oath that he sought help from Guillermo Almada to ensure the same level of intensity, commitment and commitment to the player in the Mexican national team. Achieving performance in Uruguayan Pachuca.

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Or he refused to travel to Mexico in 2020, even when FMF placed a private jet at his service. Or in 2022, in the middle of the World Cup year, when he refused to go back to Mexico, when Liga MX was already active and he was asked to approach his potential World Cup teams. Martino spent months changing diapers.

Nor did he dare to admit that the veto on Javier Hernández was definitely that of Yon de Luisa, then FMF's popular leader in discussions with the media, especially Jose Ramon Fernández of ESPN, and with TUDN and MedioTiempo.

Or the #Yunta de Dueños (said Sven-Göran Eriksson), the owner's council, after embarrassing humiliations before the United States, demanded his presence in November 2021, but ignored Martino de Luisa's instructions. Appear and answer the questions of his bosses.

However, it would be irresponsible to insist that Tata Martino could have sold the match against Argentina on November 26 in Lusail beyond his close relationship with Lionel Scaloni.

I point out, it's not about selling…offering, yes, and there are fewer doubts.

Are Edson Alvarez's revelations timely and necessary today? The truth is always better than hiding the truth, even if it shines late and sometimes in vain.

On the other hand, remember that access to footballers at the World Cup is strictly restricted, even to media with rights. So, of course, thanks to the serendipity and audacity of the reporters that night at Lucille, there weren't many transparent and open channels for these revelations to unfold, other than what happened.

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But keep calm and don't insult the Mexican fan. Trust me, Tata Martino didn't sell the game against Argentina…but he delivered. No offense, but yes, perhaps, in a career that thrives only in the extreme third world of MLS, his moral and work integrity can be questioned.

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