The United States will raise “costs” for the regime’s “allies.”

The United States will raise “costs” for the regime’s “allies.”

“Last Sunday the Ordega and Murillo governments consolidated their authoritarian control over the people of Nicaragua by conducting election mockery, so that what exists in Nicaragua today is” dictatorship “, tomorrow is Tuesday, November 9, Ricardo Junica, Deputy Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere’s Office of the U.S. State Department. In turn, he declared that they would not sever diplomatic relations with Nicaragua, but that they would raise “costs” for the regime’s “allies.”

“These elections on the 7th are not credible as a democratic process, and it cannot be said that the people elected under that process will be considered leaders elected by the Nicaraguans. No one can deny that they are in power, nor can they deny that they are dictators. It is clearer than ever that Ordega and Murillo have imposed a dictatorship on the basis of personality and family power, with some elements supporting and facilitating that dictatorship, ”he explained.

On Monday, November 8, President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo announced that they had won a vote under their full control after seven political candidates were imprisoned and the opposition ousted – after removing political competition. 81.5% did not vote, according to the independent watchdog Urnas Aberdeas.

In his post-referendum speech, Ortega reiterated his hate speech against political prisoners, calling them “sons of the pitfalls of Yankee imperialism.” “They should be taken to the United States because they are not Nicaraguans, they have no country, so what they do is work, slaves of the empire, traitors to the country,” Ordega continued angrily.

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Junica called what Ortega revealed “absurd statements.” “It’s not a game of chess, they use people to pieces,” he said, referring to Ordega’s “proposal” regarding the more than 150 political prisoners he has imprisoned.

What’s next?

The US diplomat commented that the Nicaraguans “want a future that only democracy can offer them” and that “the United States and the international community are more determined than ever to help the people of Nicaragua in their efforts to achieve that democratic future.”

“I have talked to many Nicaraguans about what they want, what we are asking is that they want their loved ones released from prison, that they want freedom of expression and repressive laws that do not apply to civil society. They want a government. Long-term investments and more jobs. These include the transparent political system that allows and the judiciary in the service of the people; they want to elect their leaders in free and fair elections, ”he said.

Zúniga announced at the General Assembly of the Organization of American States, which begins this Wednesday, November 10, that they are proposing to maintain a broad coalition.
To adopt additional measures under the Inter-American Constitution. Countries must work together to restore democracy in Nicaragua and to release political prisoners immediately and unconditionally.

“It is important for all nations to realize what is happening and, within the framework of the democratic charter, to define what the next steps will be. Leaving a country is a very serious matter, but we think it is important to present elements of the events we have already seen in Nicaragua and to be very clear within the organization about who we are dealing with in Nicaragua. “We have to help the international community with who we are dealing with,” he explained.

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Increase costs to the regime’s “allies”

Even a senior official in the administration of President Joe Biden Approval of the Rebirth Act as a result of bipartisan efforts in the United States Congress was hailed as positive, When declared by Fidel, will allow action to be taken against “corrupt Nicaraguan actors” and “place costs on Nicaraguans who are complicit in the abuses of the Ordega and Murillo government” human rights abuses, corruption and democracy will be undermined, but diplomacy will also be a tool they use.

In addition, he stressed that they would work with the European Union, other US states and countries supporting the return of democracy to Nicaragua and, therefore, evaluate the next steps together.

“Democrats and Republicans in the United States will continue to focus on the situation in Nicaragua,” Zúniga promised. “If there is no cost in the case of Nicaragua, and there is no regional effort to respond to the events, we fear it could happen in other countries.”

“Any setback in the democratic structure in this area affects all of us. This is not a question of US strategic policy, but rather an issue that undermines the many years of consensus support for democracy as the best way to address issues that affect the people. Comprehensive.

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