The university is a space for discussion of ideas: Ricardo Monreale – El Occidental

The university is a space for discussion of ideas: Ricardo Monreale – El Occidental

Senator Ricardo Monreale, who returned 20 years later at the invitation of the current Ricardo Villanueva, rector of the University of Guadalajara and student leader two decades ago, added that “the university is a place for discussion of ideas.” José Luis Lamadred Souza “Chair. Morena Council legislator highlighted: In times of confrontation, clarity must prevail.

At the meeting, the university president thanked Senator Ricardo Monreale and other senators in attendance for their support for the approval of the General Act of Higher Education.

The General Director of the University of Guadalajara, Ricardo Villanueva, seized the opportunity to reiterate today that we “recognize that universities face different challenges that we must respond to in an innovative and workable way that allows us to ensure our sincerity and inclusion as crucial. Consciences and heroes in the responses that Mexican society demands”.

“Our independence and academic freedom have made us our strongholds that represent contemplation, expression and free thought,” added Villanueva-Lumili.

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18 years after the death of Jalisco’s legislator, José Luis Lamadred Sousa, in a chair bearing his name, his friend, Senator Ricardo Monreale, became the first guest there.

Lamadred has been an MP five times, and Monreale has been an MP three times and an MP three times. Both agreed through four legislative bodies, and Ricardo Monreale noted that Lamadred was “a statesman, a liberal and an open book” and a book swallow, and regretted that he had died poor, “this man was such a giant, which is why the university is doing so well to get to know her.”

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Ricardo Monreale emphasized, “It is important to remain clear, because the country is now in confrontation and the university is the most appropriate place to be able to discuss ideas and to be able to generate intelligence and clarity in the direction of the country, this is the right place.”

The President of UdeG thanked all the senators present for approving the General Law on Higher Education and congratulated them, “Not only did they pass it, but they also became great advocates for, strengthened and clarified the concept of university autonomy”.

“There were some signs of the storm, but they failed to pass and we have a good law,” Monreale admitted.

Senator Monreale said he owed Mr. Lama – as he affectionately said – for all that he learned about parliamentary law and parliamentary practice.

“For this chair to bear his name is just a tribute to his talent,” Monreale said, thus honoring one of the most prominent Jalisco in recent times, but with a dream that he never fulfilled: to be the ruler of his state.

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