The Vatican approves the canonization of the martyrs Rutilio Grandi and Cosme Spesoto

The Vatican approves the canonization of the martyrs Rutilio Grandi and Cosme Spesoto

In addition to the two priests, Rutilio Grande’s companions in martyrdom, who were assassinated with him in March 1977, will also be beatified.

Salvadorian martyrs Rotilio Grande, Manuel Solorzano and Nelson Rotilo already have a fixed date for their beatification, as confirmed by the Episcopal Conference in El Salvador through a press release.

According to the information, in addition to the three martyrs who were assassinated on March 12, 1977 in the Albaicinal north of San Salvador, the Italian father Cosme Spesoto, who was also assassinated in 1980 in San Juan Nonwalco, La Sallam, will also be canonized.

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The date for the beatification to take place was set for January 22, 2022, in San Salvador, and authorized by Pope Francis.

For the act of beatification, the Pope commissioned Salvadoran Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chavez to preside over the celebration that would pave the way for four more martyrs to ascend to the highest altars of the Catholic Church, thus joining Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero, who was canonized. In October 2018 by the same Pope.

Father Rutilio Grande was assassinated on March 12, 1977 in Albiznal. Photo: Archive.

The process of beatification on its part had already received the approval of Pope Francis since 2020, when he authorized the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints to issue the necessary ordinances that made room for both the High Priest Rutilio where his two companions would then be blessed in martyrdom. general.

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Theologian Rodolfo Cardinal, quoted by the Vatican News, the official media of the Holy See, affirmed that “the blessed future Rutilio Grande is always a reference in the struggle for justice and human rights in El Salvador,” adding that “Rotilio is very close associated with Monsignor Romero and they are key references.” of the Salvadoran Church.

Cosme Spesoto, an Italian Franciscan, came to the country as a missionary in 1950.

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