Jared Dudley thinks he’ll return to the Lakers

Jared Dudley thinks he’ll return to the Lakers


Jared Dudley cheats on Anthony Davis

Hobby Los Angeles Lakers He received a surprise hit this week when it was revealed that Jared Dudley had retired and agreed to be part of the Dallas Mavericks coaches . Although he had no effect on the field, he was a great captain for the team and very popular with the fans. even in LeBron James surprised him news.

According to Dudley, he even thought he would return to the team for another season.

“I thought I was going back to the Lakers,” Dudley told Bill Pashke Los Angeles Times. “This is incredible.”

For a while, it seemed Dudley intended to return. In fact, he said that the two stars on the team have been fighting for his comeback.

“Obviously, LeBron and A.D. (Anthony Davis) wanted me back,” Dudley said. “But we couldn’t convince them.”

If these two people couldn’t get the Lakers to bring him back, they must have been pretty sure not to renew him.

Why didn’t the Lakers renew Dudley?

Dudley did it all right in his two years with the Lakers. He never complained about the lack of minutes and worked hard to help his teammates, especially the younger ones. It was completely selfless. However, the Lakers don’t need another veteran this season.

The team added veterans of standing Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Trevor Ariza and Dwight Howard during the holiday season. Nothing against Dudley, but with these guys on the team there will be enough veteran leadership. The average age of the team is high, and they can do that by adding younger players. He made sure to thank the Lakers and understood that the team needed more youngsters.

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“No one owes me anything. Rob [Pelinka] the court [Rambis] They were honest with me. Greetings and thanks to them and Jenny [Buss]. “I will always be grateful to them for the opportunity they gave me,” Dudley said. “But I wanted to come back. I think it would have helped the team, especially with so many new players. But I understand they wanted to sign younger players.

Jared Dudley Explains Why He’s So Valuable to the Los Angeles Lakers | JJ RiddickJared Dudley tells the audience exactly why he is so important to the Los Angeles Lakers. Subscribe to The Old Man and The Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter on Apple and Spotify.2021-07-19 T14:04:49Z

Dudley thinks the Lakers were wrong

Of course Dudley is grateful for the time he was in LA, but that doesn’t mean he thinks they always make the right decisions. He even mistook a simple criticism of the team for not renewing his contract.

I spoke to Rob [Pelinka] the court [Rambis] I thanked them, but told them that they value young men more than veterans who have a strong presence in the locker room. I’ve told them. “I respect them for doing this, but I think they’re wrong,” Dudley said.

Time will tell if the Lakers made the right call. In the team’s defense, they have a lot of players who are “in the dressing room” but don’t have a lot of youngsters. Dudley has every right to be upset but no one can blame the Lakers. The team is already big enough and can use the place of the list to find the next list Alex Caruso or Taleen Horton Tucker Unlike a proven commodity like Dudley.

Time will tell if the Lakers did the right thing. In defense of the team, he has several players “in the presence of the locker room”. Dudley has a right to be upset, but no one can blame the Lakers. The average age is already high and I can use this place in the template to find out the next Alex Caruso NS Taleen Horton Tucker, unlike a Tested product like Dudley.

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