“The whole team wants me to win on Sunday”

“The whole team wants me to win on Sunday”

Checo Pérez assures that they have not outlined any plans beyond competing fiercely for the Mexican GP.

Czech Perez Said each team member Red Bull Racing He wants to win on Sunday Mexican GPS, But they do not have a strategy or they do not argue about it.

At the conference on Thursday, he shared with the Australians on the first shift Daniel Ricciardo From McLaren, Czech Perez The possibility of him relinquishing his place was repeatedly questioned Max Verstappen Sunday will benefit from their fight for the driving championship.

“This is a problem I like (should be in front of Max and Hamilton). It always depends on the situation. Decisions are made at the moment of the race; it all depends on the circumstances of the race, but I can assure you that every team on Sunday wants me to win,” he stressed. . Czech Perez. I firmly believe that their support will be with me.

Asked if he had spoken inside Red bull A strategy or potential scenario for Sunday, in particular, Seko went ahead and stressed that there was still no evidence that he could be in that situation, “so we did not talk or discuss anything.”

In a similar situation, McLaren’s fight with Ferrari at the Constructors’ Championship Lando Norris Among the pilots, Ricciardo was asked if he would allow the Englishman to pass.

“My answer is no, maybe if it was the last race of the year, I would have fought for the title, but not otherwise,” the Australian always replied with a smile.

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As always, when two retired comrades get together at a conference, Chekhov and Ricciardo make fun of each other. Red bull Can be strong in Hermanos Rodriguez Race Course.

“Daniel knows better,” Perez contradicted because Ricciardo was a Red Bull driver a few years ago.

“You ‘re going to have fun, you’ re going to enjoy it,” Daniel replied.

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