“There is a great mix of experience and youth”

“There is a great mix of experience and youth”

Santiago Machado was instrumental in the victory of Albatros visiting Caporro, after the match he spoke with Básquet Total.

El Ave took a shout at the close end: “A very complex match was planned, and we were able to close it with the experience of Manzana (Nicolas Garcia) and Cacho (Andres Jones). It is an important victory in spirit and works to continue to add thinking of getting in the eights”:

Machado was the key to jump off the bench: “We had a tough time in the beginning, but we know the role every player plays. It was my turn to be disgusting coming off the bench and fortunately I know how to take advantage of that with confidence and take the shots that the coach tells me to do. We knew how to make him defend hard and then The match has passed into our hands.”

The area in the second half was vital to lowering the opponent’s scoring: “We have this alternative, when the game gets complicated we go to the area. It allowed us to manage the field and bring it in with easy points. I think that was the main reason to come back”.

The Urunday Universitario native spoke about his goals: “I never had good minutes in the league no matter how much I was involved in the rotation. My idea was to go forward, luckily I came in with confidence, I feel comfortable with the team and that always adds up to me. I want to shoot and know the player I am”.

On the 80th anniversary of Albatros Village, Boulevard Boulevard gets off to a good start: “It’s a special year for the club, we’re doing well, there’s a great mix of experience and youth. The Albatros goal is to get in first out of the eight and after we’re there to try to get good games in the playoffs to fight for promotion.”

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