There is an urgent need to improve health services in Los Cabos: Eda Palacios

There is an urgent need to improve health services in Los Cabos: Eda Palacios

vice Sudcalifornian Renewal Party (PRS) Ida Maria Palacios MarquezDuring his speech at the last regular session of the House of Representatives State Congress He stated that the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the needs of the health sector and despite the establishment of the specialized hospital before Mexican Social Security Institute Too much stimulus, it is necessary to take further action to mitigate deficiencies.

The deputy stressed that the country’s population growth requires better health services, including that there are more doctors serving citizens, as the lack of cadres appeared. During the Covid-19 pandemic.

He noted that “in Baja California Sur, at the peak of infection that occurred at the beginning of the epidemic, the need for more medical workers, nurses and stretcher carriers to deal with the health crisis situation became clear.”

Likewise, he pointed out that the lack of places for medical care forced families to go to private places, which greatly affected their economy, However, in addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, Every day, hundreds of citizens suffer from a lack of services provided by the medical units in Los Cabos.

“Let’s remember that the infrastructure of the General Hospital in Los Cabos Municipality does not have an intensive care area, enough operating rooms for complex surgical interventions, and there is not enough dialysis and other services,” he stressed.

For all of the above, the deputy confirmed that the establishment of a third-level specialized hospital in San Jose del Cabo by IMSS This is incredible news for all residents, and although it is already authorized by Federal Government, Los Cabos City Council Provided the land for its construction, noting that its creation is emerging, as well as new spaces and the training of cadres to make a difference.

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