There is no way out of the blackout in Cuba: the Felton thermoelectric plant stops producing power

There is no way out of the blackout in Cuba: the Felton thermoelectric plant stops producing power

An “unexpected departure” for the first unit in the middle thermoelectric (CTE) Lidio Ramon Perez, of Felton, Holguín, once again checked the availability electricity in Cuba On Monday, so the Blackouts.

according to Informational note State Electricity Union, The fault was detected in the factory boiler and began to affect the electrical service due to the lack of capacity. Starting at 5:38 a.m., after an extended blackout on Sunday night due to what authorities described as ‘Sharp increase in demand’.

The first unit of Felton, the plant with the largest generating capacity in Cuba, I only entered service last weekAfter technicians corrected a crack in a pipe inside the boiler, a malfunction caused by cleaning during a previous maintenance.

In Felton, Unit 2, which authorities said will be in service from the early days of July, is still undergoing repairs. Now the station does not produce energy, which will be immediately noticed and will hit eastern Cuba in a special way.

The Electricity Union warned that the new break would make the blackouts continue “all day”.due to an estimated deficit of 450 MW, which can decrease somewhat at night, when units 4 and 5 of the Antonio Maceio Thermal Plant, in Santiago de Cuba, with a capacity of 50 and 90 MW, respectively, are turned on, and 126 MW are used in diesel engines.

According to UNE, “Availability of 2,451 MW and peak demand of 2,850 MW are estimated for peak hours, for a shortfall of 399 MW, so if expected conditions are maintained, an impact of 470 MW in peak hours is expected.”

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In addition to the Felton unit, Units 6, 7 and 8 of Máximo Gómez, Unit Otto Parellada, Unit 4 of Diez de Octubre, as well as Units 4 and 5 of Antonio Maceo remain out of service due to breakdown.which must be incorporated during the day.

Unit 5 of Diez de Octubre and Unit 2 of Lidio Ramón Pérez are under maintenance, while limitations are maintained in thermal generation (408 MW) and in distributed generation, 1,076 MW are not available due to breakdown and are under maintenance 394 MW.

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