These 3 altcoins will follow Solana with its crypto trading signals.

These 3 altcoins will follow Solana with its crypto trading signals.

After the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market, cryptocurrencies are struggling to recover. In this case, a popular cryptocurrency analyst and trader has pointed to three altcoins that can mimic the recent historical rise of Solana (SOL).

According to SafeTrading, Solana (SOL) has achieved success, climbing to the 6th position in the market capitalization rankings. The smart contract platform is currently trading at $ 175, and is up over 600% from a July low of $ 23.47 to a high of $ 215.

Hence, trader and market analyst believes that the decentralized blockchain platforms Tezos (XTZ), Polkadot (DOT) and Cosmos (ATOM) will also perform like Solana after SOL hits record highs. Keeping a close eye on altcoins.

Sharing his predictions for the three altcoins in his latest article, the analyst said ATOM appears poised to start growing rapidly in line with the underlying market structure.

  • If I had to choose crypto trading signals to make a profit like Solana, I would choose Tezos, Polkadot or Cosmos. Given the structure, these 3 altcoins look great.

On the other hand, he said that ATOM has been trading against Bitcoin for a two-year accumulation period and wants to retest the 0.00051 BTC ($ 22.88) level after the altcoin started trading in an uptrend against BTC in August.

With regard to the next aspect of ATOM, the analyst draws attention to two key price levels.

On retesting the $ 17.47 level, it regained whatever it had lost on the drop a few days ago.

  • “I think we will continue to move forward and reach new highs as we break through the next resistance level. The closest levels I expect for Cosmos are around $ 47.50 and $ 72.”
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At time of writing, the popular cryptocurrency ATOM is still trading at $ 28.11, up 3.41% in the past 24 hours, according to data from SafeTrading.

Terra (LUNA) has grown by 6000% since the beginning of the year.

Terra (LUNA) is known as one of the altcoins that is expected to potentially rise to these levels, although it is not yet ranked among the largest cryptocurrencies with a lot of crypto trading signals. It started in 2021 with a price tag of around $ 0.65 and a market cap outside the top 50.

Terra’s incredible growth.

The company LUNA, which has increased by 6000% since the beginning of the year, has risen by more than $ 44 and took 11th position in the market capitalization rating. Many projects, despite their shortcomings and inconsistencies, have skyrocketed in value in the short term. Experts searched for answers to questions by conducting in-depth research on Terra’s investments.

The main purpose of the Luna token is to protect the price of Terra stablecoins. Terra uses an algorithm to increase or decrease the supply of stablecoins based on demand. LUNA has managed to become one of the outstanding projects of the crypto community with its reliable infrastructure. However, all users who host LUNA verify their token transactions by charging a transaction fee for payments made through Terra stablecoins. LUNA is also a control cryptocurrency. Thus, LUNA users have the right to vote on proposed changes to Terra.

Expert’s trending perspectives.

Terra is a blockchain protocol that offers multiple stablecoins pegged to different currencies. Terra, which is mentioned among the altcoins with upside potential, is described as one of the projects to watch closely.

While LUNA is currently available on Cryptocom and Binance platforms, it is not yet available on many other exchanges. Analysts have added Terra Luna to the altcoins they expect to see growth potential in 2021.

At the time of this writing, the popular cryptocurrency LUNA is trading at $ 38. LUNA is at the top of the list of cryptocurrencies followed closely by many crypto investors and the SafeTrading team itself.

Solana made a million dollar sale of NFT.

  • Today Solana made a profit on its first million dollar NFT sale.
  • The Solana blockchain platform has witnessed the rapid growth of the NFT ecosystem over the past few weeks.
  • Blockchain consultancy Moonrock Capital acquired NFT Corrupt Gorilla Academy NFT for $ 5,980 for $ 1.1 million.

FirmaDegen Ape acquired the scary version of the sacred zombie gorilla number 7225, depicted with a golden tooth and a brain in its mouth. This piece is among the first 13 pieces of the collection in terms of value.

Solana has been on sale for quite some time. The prices for these sales would be staggering, almost a million dollars today. Degen Ape, for example, was sold for 7,000 soles. This is the first time the sales have exceeded one million.

This confirms that NFTs are the first development in the blockchain ecosystem. NFTs have been created and sold on the Ethereum blockchain in the most common way since their first launch, many of these sales still have the same interest and value. But high commissions are still a problem. Investors quickly moved to other sites.

YouTuber turned boxer is an investor aware of this trend and chooses Monkey Forward NFT on Thursday. On Friday, he tweeted: “Ethereum fees are too high, so I’m switching to Solana GOML.”

  • Other famous people have also chosen Solana NFT. TV personality Steve Harvey made his Twitter profile for The Monkey Wither.
  • In the Solana ecosystem, the number of NFT building blocks has increased over the past few weeks.
  • New marketplaces such as Digital Eyes and SolSea have been launched to try to keep up with the rapidly growing number of NFT mints. In addition, since the launch of Aurory, projects have started using the Candy Machine from Metaplex.
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On the other hand, despite strong demand for earlier designs such as corrupt monkeys, the growing number of NFT projects at Solana began to diminish the value of the collections. Base prices for many projects have dropped in recent days, with some mints not selling and a number of projects selling at prices lower than the mints.

At the same time, the price of Solana’s proprietary token, SOL, is skyrocketing, briefly surpassing $ 200 in less than a week, making it one of the top 10 coins by market cap. To reflect this growth, NFT projects began to cut prices for print to keep it affordable.

Some projects even give them away for almost free. The upcoming snake-themed NFT project Sneks is giving away NFT Lit Jesus (and physical copies) for free as they revised their prices from 2.25 SOL to 0 SOL after a failed launch. In addition, some did not even keep their earnings. The Trippy Bunny Tribe, which sold its NFTs for 1.11 SOL on Saturday, donated $ 220,000 to the American Suicide Prevention Foundation.

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