These are the Cubans who will be able to apply for a Schengen visa online

These are the Cubans who will be able to apply for a Schengen visa online

The Schengen visa, which facilitates legal access to 27 European countries, such as Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Poland and others, will have a simpler process through an online platform, where the visa can be requested, without having to go. To a consulate, although not all interested Cubans will be able to request this without going to a European diplomatic residence.

As we say here, the European Union this week allowed the creation of a virtual system that allows for online visa processing.

Through this platform, applicants will be able to enter all the necessary data, upload electronic copies of their travel documents and supporting documents, pay the corresponding fees and wait, without the need to go to the consulates of the country of residence.

This is undoubtedly excellent News. However, not everyone who wants to obtain a Schengen visa will be able to do this process online.

For example, those who request the document for the first time will have to come in person to register their biometric data. As well as those whose data is no longer valid, or those who have changed their passport, that is, they have a new passport, and therefore a new passport number.

Apply for a Schengen visa from Cuba

Which Cubans can apply for a Schengen visa online when applying? Well, only those who have already obtained a Schengen visa before and whose biometric data are saved in the European system will be able to do everything online. This was stated by the European Union Council this week.

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There is no doubt that the process of obtaining a visa will be more flexible and easier with the new digital system, which will avoid having to go to consulates or other offices, or put a sticker or glue on the passport, although not all of this is included.

The visa reform has been delayed due to negotiations in the European Parliament, but it is known that it will be implemented three weeks after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. From here we will inform you of the specific dates for your request.

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