These Communist Party affiliates will have to make their statements upon taking the oath

These Communist Party affiliates will have to make their statements upon taking the oath

The former President of the Republic, Danilo Medina, announced that the Dominican Liberation Party would return to power in 2024, after he confirmed that everything that this political organization did “will not be erased by anyone, nor will anyone divide it.”

Delivering a speech of more than 40 minutes duration, during the closing ceremony of the Ninth Ordinary Conference, José Joaquín Bedo Medina, who developed that organization, Medina emphasized that this political organization is renewed, strong, and ready to fight to take over the government again in 2024.

In this regard, he said that they are already preparing to work for Dominican rights, as they did every time they were in front of a government department.

“This day marks the beginning of what will undoubtedly be the most wonderful phase we have had. The PLD, ladies and gentlemen, has come back with more power, with more ideas, with more talent.” The former president said “No one will stop him, no one at all”.

The former president emphasized that the purple organization returned to its essence by saying “no to privileges and bad practices,” indicating that in 2021 there will be no place for those whose interests differ from the interests of the country.

“We haven’t gone to the communities to talk about the votes, or to divide the country or to cause chaos. We come to see what is needed and how we can solve it and this is how we will win the people’s good again,” Medina said to applause.

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Medina assured that during his tenure, PLD turned out to have carried out the greatest modernization and transformation the country had seen, putting for example metro, cable cars, elevated wagons, and renovating the infrastructure, declaring it none of it. This can be done. delete.

He urged party members not to forget their own history, and that after every coup, every desertion, every treachery or difficult moment, the same thing always happened: “The democratic democratic movement reappeared with much greater power.”

“Remember this date, March 14, 2021, because in a few years you will be able to say that you were here and that the new purple wave started growing that day,” Medina said.

“We are, clearly, the People’s Party. We have been for 47 years and will remain so, because we have promised and fulfilled. Because we have always been there, in difficult times, defending democracy and social justice. Beside the people, in the neighborhoods, in the fields.”

Medina expressed that the PLD would never again be an organization of two groups or people vying for control, having seen the challenges facing the country call for the Purple Party to be a strong and reliable alternative to the Dominicans.

The former president said he would dedicate himself “body and soul” to continuing to serve those who need it most, and that the PLD is being renewed, strengthened, and ready to fight in 2024.

“The time it took to organize and contemplate these months was very important,” Medina said after he was sworn in. “It was an exceptional conference with frank discussions, where all the members of the Democratic Liberation Party, all without exception, had a voice and votes.” As President of the PLD.

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The Secretary General speaks
For his part, Charles Mariotti, Secretary-General of the Political Organization, said that whoever left the movement will return when he realizes the inefficiency of the place in which he is.

Ninth Congress
Measures taken
• Computer members will be required to provide an affidavit of the assets.

• It prohibits the use of economic resources in internal campaigns.

• Secretarial holders may not exceed two periods of 4 years each.

• The presidents of the intermediate committee shall stop working if they are elected to the central committee.

• To aspire to CC, you must have a 5-year membership.

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