The United States is promoting a law to increase pressure on the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua

The United States is promoting a law to increase pressure on the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua
Bob Menendez, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)

Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Menendez, promotes a law in the North American Congress so that The Joe Biden administration increases pressure on Daniel Ortega’s regime in NicaraguaIn the past weeks, Advance with the persecution of opposition leaders Who can challenge him in the presidential elections in November this year?

It’s a statementMenendez reported that he added senators’ support Marco Rubio, Dick Durbin, Ben Cardin and Chris Murphy It was emphasized that the law that encourages the United States to comply “Strategically, diplomatic tools, including selective sanctions, to promote democratic elections in Nicaragua in November 2021.”

The law, titled Strengthening Nicaragua’s Compliance with the Conditions of Electoral Reform (RENACER), It proposes new initiatives to monitor, report and address corruption in the government and family of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, as well as human rights abuses by Nicaraguan security forces.

The Renasser Act also requires the US government to increase sanctions on key players in the Ortega regime and expand coordination with Canada and the European Union. The bill asks the Executive to review Nicaragua’s participation in the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)”, He explained this in a statement issued by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Republican Marco Rubio has called for more sanctions against Daniel Ortega's regime (EFE/Graeme Jennings)
Republican Marco Rubio has called for more sanctions against Daniel Ortega’s regime (EFE/Graeme Jennings)

While, “The bill requires increased intelligence reporting on Russian activities in Nicaragua and a review of Russian arms sales to Nicaragua for potential sanctions under the Countering Adversaries of the United States Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). With the approval of the Commission today, the legislation is now referred to the full Senate for consideration.”

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“As he continues to blatantly persecute opposition leaders, Nicaragua’s business sector, and its civil society leaders, Daniel Ortega’s desperation to remain in power has cost him any remaining legitimacy in the eyes of the international community,” Menendez said.

“There will be consequences for those who try to deny the people of Nicaragua the opportunity to exercise their fundamental democratic right to free and fair elections.”Added the Democratic lawmaker, who also made clear that the Renaissar Act “will provide the Biden government with the necessary diplomatic tools to help stabilize the electoral crisis.”

For his part, Republican Marco Rubio noted that the legislation “requires sanctions against officials of the Ortega regime and a full investigation of the funds invested by the Nicaraguan armed forces in the United States.”

“There must be a responsibility for the autocratic rulers of Latin America, such as President Ortega, who enrich themselves and their corrupt intermediaries at the expense of citizens and true democracy”, Senator Durbin, who at the same time demanded the release of political prisoners in Nicaragua, said.

Daniel Ortega increased repression against the Nicaraguan opposition (EFE / Jorge Torre)
Daniel Ortega increased repression against the Nicaraguan opposition (EFE / Jorge Torre)

Meanwhile, Ben Cardin held that the Nicaraguan dictator “must be held accountable for his many acts of repression,” while Senator Murphy asserted that “protecting democracy must be central to US foreign policy.

Minutes later, Jose Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch, celebrated the US Senate’s initiative. “The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has just approved this important law that seeks to monitor and punish corruption and human rights abuses in Nicaragua in coordination with the European Union and Canada,” indicated in their social networks.

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Today, 59 countries signed a joint declaration condemning Violation of human rights in Nicaragua urging Dictatorship led by Daniel Ortega to guarantee free elections s Immediate release of presidential candidates He was arrested in recent days by the regime he leads. Mexico and Argentina Yesterday they summoned their ambassadors for consultationThey did not sign the statement.

We share the High Commissioner’s concerns about Nicaragua, including the ongoing impunity for human rights abuses since April 2018 and continuing reports of arbitrary arrests. The government must ensure that human rights are protected and those responsible are held accountable. We urge the government to stop the harassment of journalists and human rights defenders and to allow civil society organizations to operate in safe and supportive environments, without fear of reprisals.Says the declaration was signed by 59 Democrats.

Signing countries include: Albania, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Marshall Islands, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Panama, Palau, Paraguay, Peru, Poland Portugal, South Korea, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Great Britain and the United State.

The North American government celebrated this announcement. Julie ChangRegarding the statement, the North American Secretary of Hemisphere Affairs said: “59 countries have signed the declaration today, calling for free and fair elections in Nicaragua and the immediate release of presidential candidates. The international chorus condemning the actions of Ortega and Murillo is getting stronger every day“.

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