They are implementing a program to verify the credentials of health professionals – NotiCel – The Truth As It Is – Puerto Rican News – NOTICEL

They are implementing a program to verify the credentials of health professionals – NotiCel – The Truth As It Is – Puerto Rican News – NOTICEL

They seek to simplify operations.

Health Minister Carlos Melado Lopez

Photo: Luis Alberto Lopez

On Saturday, the Minister of Health (DS), Carlos Melado Lopez, announced the start of a “Puerto Rican background check” program in compliance with Law 300, which requires providers and health professionals to have a certificate of criminal history and credentials. .

“We are looking for new technological tools that help us simplify operations, especially in those that provide health care services. At the same time, we have a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable populations receiving direct care and avoid hiring workers or Providers who pose a risk to the patient.

The certificate is requested through the link: The program is associated with the Department of Justice (DJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its English acronym), in order to verify the criminal history and credentials of health professionals, service providers, and individuals. associated with caring for people. Since 1989, management has been carried out through the Puerto Rico Police Office (NPPR), however, as of May 2021, responsibility is set in the DS for certification.

Through a background check, information will be obtained that helps anticipate abuse, neglect, unlawful appropriation, or physical, psychological or sexual abuse. In addition to other violations of the rights of children, the elderly and people with disabilities, whether in their homes or in care centers, medical centers and hospitals. As part of the process, the software will analyze the information and issue a certificate based on results obtained from fingerprints submitted to the FBI and from local DJ system searches.

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For her part, Program Director Lourdes Boris Otero stated, “It is a tool to ensure the quality of human resources, avoid instances of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation, and reduce administrative costs to suppliers as a result of lawsuits that reduce the likelihood of responsible persons endangering the physical and mental safety of their patients and, above all, compliance of the current law.

Health professionals and service providers covered by Law 300 must register to request their certification through the program platform at the following address This certificate must be updated annually. For more information, you can call 787-765-2929 exts. 9032, 6816, 6813.


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