They are preparing the first martial arts tournament in space

They are preparing the first martial arts tournament in space

Production company called Space 11 Announced that it is developing a new combat form Mixed martial arts in space.

The project is called Galactic combat And according to daily Mail, It will gather 40 fighters from all over the world who will prepare for a final battle in a zero-gravity arena.

“This is not just a show. It is a new sport, a new sporting competition in outer space,” he wrote on his account. Twitter Andrea IrvolinoThe founder of the company.

The Reality show Follow participants closely for 12 months. They will be the first to play a new sport called MMA-Zero G.

Fighters are prepared inside cages without gravity. They will have different conditioning programs used in Astronaut training.

The two finalists will be out of the competition into space for one last battle. This will be on board a missile It will orbit the Earth For 90 minutes.

“The ultimate combat scene in a zero-gravity environment will make the viewing experience” never miss “, truly ground-breaking, and representative of what Space 11 Designed to present to the audience, eager to push the boundaries, ” Ervolino said.

He continued: “The format requires more exclusive training, and offers a new, more exciting sporting competition that fans will love.”

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“And of course we are fully committed to the proven technologies and scientific data that we know will provide the safest experience throughout the entire process,” he added.

Team Space 11 She has experts as former employees of SpaceXAnd astronomers and astronomers.

Galactic combat It is in pre-production and will be split into 12 episodes, which are expected to air in 2023.

It is not the only project in space

Another American product, broadcast, Are working on it Space champion On board a rocket to the International Space Station (ISS) for 10 days with the crew, as reported. Limit In September 2020.

The number of contestants and the exact figure were not disclosed. Space Hero assured that those who take up the challenge will undergo rigorous training and grueling tests that will boost them mentally, physically and emotionally.

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