They are scared! Real Madrid win against Mallorca before facing Barcelona in the Clasico

They are scared!  Real Madrid win against Mallorca before facing Barcelona in the Clasico


90 + 5 ‘Game over: Real Madrid beat Mallorca 0-3 and take a big lead in the Spanish league standings. Vinicius and Benzema (double) scored for Meran.

The blow of power towards the title! This was the table of conditions in Spain after the Real Madrid victory

87 ‘ Madrid are with ten men, he made five changes and saw Rodrigo, Mendy and Benzema injured today.

85 ‘ Benzema was thrown to the ground, who could not continue. The striker is in great pain. It hurts there.

81 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Real Madrid, Marcelo’s cross and Benzema’s header. The Frenchman has already scored 22 goals this season.

80 ‘ Mendy exits and Marcelo enters.

76 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL For Benzema, Real Madrid scored second and dissolved everything against Mallorca.

74 ‘ Penalty for Real Madrid: Vinicius is knocked down and Benzema prepares for his 21st goal.

69 ‘ Another double change at Real Madrid: Rodrigo and Lucas Vazquez leave and Carvajal and Asencio enter.

68 ‘ Yellow to Raillo for hitting Rodrigo hard. The Brazilian was very hurt.

66 ‘ Cruz fails on more passes than usual, the German now plays on more attacking levels and makes more dangerous passes.

59 ‘ Double change in Real Madrid: Modric and Camvinga enter and Valverde and Casimiro leave.

54 ‘ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr. scored first. Recovery of Benzema and the remaining Valverde of the Brazilian Invoice.

51 ‘ For a mistake by Lucas Vazquez in Cubo, Madridista received a yellow card. The second of the game.

48 ‘ Muriki did not reach the center from the left. Mallorca starts this second half excited.

Let’s go with the second half!

45 + 2 ‘ Real Madrid failed to score against Mallorca in the first half.

44 ‘ Save Brian Oliven now! Alabama’s shot went in the direction of the frame, but the defender swept to cover.

43 ‘ In fact, the Mafia cut Vinicus where he was going … he would not allow it.

42 ‘ MAFFEOOOOOO! Defender Vinicius covered the shot with a sweep. That pass was leaked by Benzema to the Brazilian. What a connection to them!

40 ‘ Shot by Cruz who jumped out of Sergio Rico’s frame.

35 ‘ Majorca Stick! He thanks Mendy for coming back, standing in front of the Mafio Cordois, his shot hitting the metal.

3. 4 ‘ Mallorca stands against Real Madrid. The local team has not shrunk for now.

28 ‘ Close the Cruise! Mallorca was shot by a passing German and saved.

26 ‘ Brian Oliven fired at Cordois to stop quietly. We continue to be 0-0.

Twenty one ‘ Vinicius ran to the left, he wanted to cross, but he was destroying Mallorca’s defense.

16 ‘ Fedo Valverde’s foot is gone, Cubo is brought down and the referee gives Uruguayan a yellow card. The first of the game.

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13 ‘ Oops, without Casmiro! The Brazilian is saved from the yellow, and if he has a card for Brazil he loses the Classico against Barcelona.

10 ‘ Mallorca First Receiver: Muriki Brian finishes a cross from Olive. His shot went to the side of Cordois’ frame.

6 ‘ Another one from Madrid! Vinnie’s heel to Mendy, he takes the whip out and goes to one side of Rico’s frame.

5 ‘ Benzema had first clarity! In one he was first for the French, but Sergio Rico blocked it.

1 ‘ If Real Madrid add a new one, it will use Sevilla more favorably in the table.

The match starts, Mallorca and Real Madrid!

Majorca: Sergio is rich; Mafio, Volgent, Railroad, Costa; சேறு; Cubo, Antonio Sanchez, Tony Rodriguez; Angel, Muriki.

Real Madrid: Cordois; Lucas, Nacho, Alaba, Mendi; Casimiro, Valverde, Cruz: Rodrigo, Benzema and Vinicius.

The white team has amassed three consecutive wins at the Spanish Championship, where Sevilla’s stumble last weekend (2nd) (1-1 with Rayo Vallecano) will give them the upper hand on the table.

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With a seven-point advantage over Sevilla, Meringus has the opportunity to continue to add against a Mallorca, which continues to struggle to move away from being relegated to second division.

Real Madrid cannot trust Eder Milito, the Brazilian has a feverish picture and is out of contention at the last minute. Yes, he will be at Classico in Bernabeu on Sunday.

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