They came out to demand justice for the detained INI employee over the shooting

They came out to demand justice for the detained INI employee over the shooting

Juarez City. – Relatives of Rodolfo Collazo de la Torre, one of three employees of the National Institute of Migration (INM) linked to the operation of murders and injuries – whether intentionally – against migrants held in the Juarez temporary center, staged a protest this Saturday to demand justice. In a rally that began in the Gran Patio shopping plaza and ended in the Social Reintegration Center (Cereso) No. 3, family and friends declared their support for the public servant that lasted 16 hours from March 29 in the facilities of the Public Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) until the 30, when they executed the arrest warrant. It is an injustice committed against her husband, said María Trujillo, Rodolfo’s wife, when she asserts that he is unjustly detained. “This is our disagreement as a family. We demand justice, clarification of the facts, clarification of this, and the detection of the real perpetrators and not hiding them.” He explained that from the moment he was sent by his boss, Admiral Salvador Gonzalez Guerrero, to the FGR headquarters, to expand his statement, the irregularities began, as they held him for more than 16 an hour and as soon as they were arrested they saw him the hearing to formulate the implication and then in a single session to link it to the process.This was how they found out the scale of the charges against Rodolfo.Apart from that, no one in charge of the Moroccan National Institute provided them with information “From there we have not seen him, he is being held in Sereso, they did not tell me anything, and we do not know anything about him,” he said. He said he feels very sorry for the loss of the lives of foreigners inside the closed cells. “Yes, we are very sorry for the victims, what a It’s horrible what happened, but my husband is innocent. “Let them investigate well, but they do not want to do anything,” he said, referring to the performance of the investigators of the Immigrant Criminal Investigation Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The detainee told Federal Probation Judge Ernesto Cornejo Ángeles at the hearing that he had previously had a stroke and needed special medication, however, the family maintained that he was not provided with the medication according to his needs. Trujillo confirmed that the life of her husband and the whole family had changed drastically and that they were not doing well physically, emotionally and economically.

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