They create an exclusive paddle tennis space on the Club House sound stage

They create an exclusive paddle tennis space on the Club House sound stage
The Badel Club

Paddle Tennis already has steady space for discussion at the latest fashion social network, Club House.

(11-3-2021). Since last Friday, March 5, the Club House social network has had an exclusive space for reflection and discussion about racquetball. Its creator, Carles Pratt, claims that the Let’s Talk Racquet Club has become a benchmark for thinking about the sport all over the world.

The exclusive Club House social network operates with an app currently only available for Apple’s iOS system. However, its growth has been phenomenal since its inception a year ago and last December, it started operating in Spain. The attraction of the Club House is the creation of exclusive spaces for discussion on any topic in audio format.

“Until last March 5, we were all those who had a meeting room in Spain working under the umbrella of one club associated with digital marketing, but since then the possibility of creating private clubs has opened up for which we have a better rating. The social network.” These are the words of tennis entrepreneur Carles Pratt, who never thought twice and created a static space called “Let’s Talk About Racquet”.

Pratt explains that in the social network there are three personalities, the club manager, and members of the same club, who can create discussion rooms, and followers, who can only participate in discussions if the moderator appreciates. He. She.

To get into the Club House, you also need an invitation from someone who is already active. The higher the user ranking, thanks to the creation of valuable audio content, the more invitations will be obtained.

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To date, the Let’s Talk Tennis Club has 15 members and 29 followers. Among the people who have registered is number one sixteen times in the world in the ranking of the World Padel Tour, Fernando Belasteguín.

Global reference space

Although the club’s name is in Spanish, Pratt’s mission is to become a world standard. In fact, the entrepreneur explains in detail how people from other countries such as Portugal, Italy or even Japan communicate in the conference rooms he is promoting.

“My idea is that the club brings together fans to players, through brands, businessmen, clubs or unions, to share interesting knowledge about tennis and the business that surrounds it,” Pratt explains.

At the present time and under the initial premise of “creating a solid societal base,” the topics covered are essential. “We have discussed whether the tennis boom has begun, about preferences for playing in an indoor or outdoor court, about internationalizing the sport or whether it is better to play while driving or vice versa,” says the club’s creator.

The club has two frequent rooms, run by Carlis Pratt, on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:55 pm. However, its members can now promote new discussion rooms.

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