They discover another inexplicable circuit in space

They discover another inexplicable circuit in space

The discovery of the first of these inexplicable structures is very recent. They are called “Single Radius Circles” (ORC) and they are circular, bright signs at the edges (think of them as bubbles) that are detected by more sensitive radio telescopes. The first was observed by astronomer Anna Kapinska thanks to the Australian Pathfinder Square Kilometer Array (ASKAP).

Very little has been seen, and they are very different from everything else, and the amount of information we have about them is unfortunately very limited, so every new view of this object provides us with valuable information.

ORC is very difficult to quantify and this also makes defining it complicated. Last discovered was called ORC J0102-2450. The team that found it, led by astronomer Barbel Koribalski, from Western Sydney University, had to combine 8 images of the radio chain to see it, so the object was dull and elusive.

However, an interesting fact is that in the center of the ORC there is a radio galaxy (characterized by emitting radio waves more intense than usual) and it is not the only circuit in this position. It might be a coincidence, but it could also be the result of emissions from the galaxy.

Another hypothesis is that the single radius is the product of a giant shock wave caused by the merger of two supermassive black holes. Speaking of black holes, we told you not long ago that the closest black hole to Earth was discovered, and also that black holes may not be black … not even holes.

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At the moment we can calculate the distance between the ORC galaxy and its “galaxy”, and this distance gives us an idea of ​​the size of the circle. Preparation: 980 thousand light years.

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