They explain the process of adapting to Cuba’s climate from buses donated by Belgium, Cuba, Granma

They explain the process of adapting to Cuba’s climate from buses donated by Belgium, Cuba, Granma

Passengers of buses donated by Belgium to Cuba and circulated from the UEB Terminal de Ómnibus Mulgoba, in Boyeros, expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of air circulation and the noticeable heat inside these vehicles, which are not yet adapted to the climatic conditions of the island.
The Provincial transportation company in HavanaAnd it reported in this regard, Tuesday, that the preparation and start-up of these buses, which were received in the port of Havana on June 24, began at the aforementioned municipal station.
They also explained that although the basic elements of the operation of this equipment are not known and given the current transportation situation in the capital, it was decided to put it into circulation from July 4, when five articulated buses came into operation. P12 and five mosques on the P16 road.
At the same time, work is underway to adapt to the climate. “An enabling environment has been created for greater portability through both corridors; However, their air conditioners cannot withstand the high temperatures in the country,” adds the official information posted on the company’s Facebook page.
They argued that the situation was predetermined, and for this reason work is being done on the coupling of windows. It is intended to change three solid car windows and five hinged windows; In addition to the existing ventilation system.
The regional carrier in Havana has reported that in the next few days more teams will be integrated into the passenger service, up to 16 workers (nine for line P12 and seven for line P16).
They add that the donated buses are not new but were manufactured in 2007, and therefore have been in operation for 14 years, although they are well preserved and have a high technical level. They have also introduced technical malfunctions, which are being resolved in cooperation with the district’s correctional authorities.

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