They found a reason for the arrest of the former head of the Communications Office

They found a reason for the arrest of the former head of the Communications Office

The San Juan Court This afternoon, a reason to arrest the alleged violations of Government Ethics Act And the Penal Code That weigh Sandra Torres-Lopez, The former president of L. Communications office, Who was chosen to organize the fundraising activities of former governor Ricardo Rossello during working hours.

Former Torres Lopez Adviser, Catherine Irazu-Garcia, Who has also been investigated before Office of the Team on the Independent Special Prosecutor (OBFI)However, he will not face criminal charges, after reaching a cooperation agreement with the investigation agency.

Irazu Garcia was the primary official in charge of the former president’s campaign groups.

A reason was found against Torres Lopez for alleged violations of Articles 4.2 (b) and 4.2 (m), which prohibit, respectively, the official from using his position to obtain an advantage not permitted by law and that he exercises influence over other employees of those who make political contributions or participate in political activities . The third charge against the former official is a violation of Article 252 of the Penal Code, which refers to the unlawful use of public jobs or services.

Obvi reported that Judge Eliana Colon Blanco imposed bail of $ 45,000 on Torres Lopez and set the preliminary hearing on April 21 at 10:00 a.m.

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Last Monday, chief PFEIAnd Nidia Coto VivesToday, it was expected that independent special prosecutors would press charges against the former employees and hold a hearing to arrest them.

A few months ago, Obvey indicated that the Justice Department’s preliminary investigation report shows that during business hours Torres Lopez asked Excel Lopez Feliz, To organize a fundraising activity for the re-election campaign of then governor Rosillo. In addition, he is alleged to have ordered the sale of tanks of the aforementioned activity among the trusted employees of the Telecommunications Regulatory Council at the time, the telecom companies regulated by the agency and the contractors affiliated with the government agency.

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