They found out that Google paid less than required by law in several countries

They found out that Google paid less than required by law in several countries


September 11, 2021, 21:56 GMT

They admitted their mistake to the company and promised to conduct a “thorough review” of the case.

For more than two years, Google has broken laws in many countries by paying thousands of temporary workers less than full-time employees receive. mentioned The Guardian on Friday, citing internal company documents and emails.

As detailed, since at least May 2019 the management of the multinational has learned that it is in violation of the legislation of the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe and Asia. However, it did not immediately correct its practices as this would have increased costs. Despite recognizing that it could put corporate staff “in a difficult position, both legally and ethically,” Google has pursued a plan that provides for compliance with the laws in the slowest and least expensive way possible.

In a response to the paper, Spyro Karetsos, Google’s chief compliance officer, admitted the error. He noted that “this process has clearly not been handled in line with the high standards we are committed to as a company,” noting that the company is doing a “thorough review” and is “committed to identifying and addressing any salary discrepancies… that the team has yet to address” .

Karitsos added, “We will conduct a review of our compliance practices in this area. In short, we will find out what went wrong here, why it happened and we will correct it,” noting that “actual pay and temporary employee schedules increased several times in that period.”

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“Most of the temporary employees are paid much higher than the comparison rates,” he said.

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