They generate electricity without deficit early in the morning • Workers

They generate electricity without deficit early in the morning • Workers


For the third day in a row, no shortage in generating capacity was recorded during the past dawn hours, in addition to the fact that the impact decreased yesterday compared to the previous days.

Today, Friday, the Electricity Syndicate estimated the impact of 500 megawatts at noon and at the peak of the night at 766 megawatts, that is, almost half of the previous days, and this is due to the arrival of fuel to the country and the behavior of thermal power plants.

At this time, according to Lazaro Guerra Hernandez, UNE's technical director, the Filton 1 unit left the system to operate the boiler for 36 hours.

He also said that the currently affected units 5 from CTE Diez de Octubre and 1 from Santa Cruz will be merged this weekend.

He explained that due to the large-scale works, maintenance will be completed at the end of April in Units 8 of Mariel and 6 of Nuevitas, which will be returned to better working conditions in the hot summer months.

Although fuel entered the country and the negative effects of its shortage decreased, 612 megawatts are no longer available because 71 distributed generating stations, the Rigla and Santiago de Cuba fields, were out of service due to fuel.

As for the peak, it is expected that the 50 MW Regla plant will be commissioned, the Energas Jaroko Unit 6 will be completed with a capacity of 15 MW, and the distributed generation engines awaiting maintenance and authorized for use will be commissioned with a capacity of 89 MW.

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