Jaime Lozano insists it was a false score against Panama

Jaime Lozano insists it was a false score against Panama

The Mexican team previously achieved Panama One of the strongest hits In the management of Jaime Lozano, according to Strategist 3-0 can be misleadingBecause there were times when his players were outnumbered.

In a press conference, Canalero highlighted how tough the representative is every time he faces Jimmy El Tri, something they noticed in the Nations League semi-final.

“Panama is a great competitor, they were in the final, in the semi-final, we know their strength is rebounding and attacking, they are fast, they defend well, we made mistakes, Luckily for us they couldn't mention itIt was a disappointing score because of the interventions of some of our players, we know how to suppress and finish, we know there is a lot to improve, in two days of training you do what you think is appropriate and necessary to win the next game.

reacting to Lozano's anger

One of the negatives that sent Mexico to the finals Irritation shown by Santiago Gimenez Although the game was settled in the first half, by staying on the bench. According to Lozano, this was due to the circumstances that arose in the game.

“It wasn't like a save, three players fell on us, they were in range, The idea is for Santiago to always be on the field, three forced changes could not replace him. We know Henry ran a lot and wasn't giving him minutes. Three players hate fitness, one more, and that's Julian.”

About Julian Quinones' goal

About Performance by Julian QuinonesThe strategist pointed out that Hirving, who replaced Lozano with a goal, was “one of the players with the best moment”, so he thought it best to play him in a standard chess game. Top 11 elements to choose from.

“He's won three championships, ah, not five. He's a fundamental piece to those championships, AndOne of the biggest teams in the country, they play with intensity, it gives him evidence of being a starter, scoring a goal, giving him confidence, happy with him and happy with the team. Hirving left, Chino Huerta didn't come, this is the match, it's difficult for one, it's his turn, he took advantage, knowing who we are, it will be a good result.

Jaime Lozano relishes the classic

In the final, the tricolor team Meet AmericaA representative who established superiority in the Concacaf Classic in recent years.

“It's a final, a classic, America has won only two editions, There are no favorites, just who does it best. “Both teams have the desire to progress, the team is good, emotionally they will be strong, the team needs to progress,” he said.

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