They have filed a lawsuit against Karol G for allegedly stealing a collaboration song with DJ Tiesto

They have filed a lawsuit against Karol G for allegedly stealing a collaboration song with DJ Tiesto

Cuban-American musician and composer Rene Llorente filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Colombian urban singer Carol J. On charges of plagiarism in the song “Don’t Be Ashamed” that he performed DJ Tiestobefore the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico.

According to the judicial document issued by the authorities, a lawsuit was filed against the artist for “violating the rights of the copyright holder and intellectual theft regarding the original song that was composed in 1998 and is titled: “Something Different” by composer Rene Laurenti“.

Therefore, the plaintiff requested a claim from the defendants He paid three million dollars “Because of his psychological suffering, humiliation, damage to his reputation and shame.”

Through detailed analysis of the musical, lyrical and structural elements of both songs, this was determined There are great, undeniable similarities The lawsuit document filed before the court stressed that “this case goes beyond the limits of joint influence or accidental coincidence.”

“In the artistic field, ‘coincidences’ are considered highly improbable. Therefore, Any wholly derivative resemblance is pure plagiarismThe document added: “or copying, stealing, usurping the rights of the copyright holder, or violating copyright.”

According to the report, there are “distinctive melodic elements, harmonic progressions, and harmonic and lyrical structures that testify to this.” Direct relationship between both authors“.

In this context, the text concluded that there was “substantial evidence of this.” Support claims of copyright infringement and plagiarismUnauthorized use, distortion of the work, and moral and financial damages.”

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The Colombian received on June 23, during the third edition of the Tu Música Urbano Awards, Best Cross Country Song Award for “Don’t Be Shy” In addition to eight other awards.

On August 11, Karol G released his latest album “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Beautiful (Pechota Season)” to coincide with his US tour that started the day before in Las Vegas and Taking it through the country’s major stadiums.

In addition, the interpreter of hit songs such as “Provenza”, “A ella”, “El Makinon” or “Tusa” His highest-grossing North American tour for a Latin artist of all time and was ranked in Pollstar’s list of the 10 most successful tours in the world by the “$trip Love Tour”. (Evie)

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