Kate Del Castillo dazzled in her pink silk mini dress that she wasted elegance without sacrificing comfort

Kate Del Castillo dazzled in her pink silk mini dress that she wasted elegance without sacrificing comfort

Kate Del Castillo He was never afraid to show himself naturally. On the contrary, she is a strong and courageous woman who loves herself and has all the confidence to see her without makeup on social networks, as she is followed by millions of fans around the world. They admire her as she is, for her originality and innate talent.

Recently, he posted in his Instagram gallery a selfie of himself before going to bed, showcasing his favorite necklaces and wearing a flawless face at the age of 48, he’s now surrounded by blonde hair that looks great and looks great on brunettes.

He talks about Kate Del Castillo Queen of the South 3

There are many projects that Kate del Castillo is involved in at the moment, which has not stopped working despite the complex situation of the technical environment due to the epidemic. But one of his most acclaimed productions by his fans of all time is Queen of the South, Which will soon be airing its third season on Telemundo.

In fact, Kate Del Castillo spoke about this issue in an interview she gave in July 2020 for the show New DayFrom the same TV channel. “I returned Queen of the South (…) It’ll get better, I’m so happy and so excited. “He’s a character that I enjoy a lot, so he gives me a lot of joy,” the artist said.

She also confirmed that she is “very grateful to work because under these circumstances not many people have jobs and I always think of people who do not have jobs, so I am very lucky.”

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Physical preparation for Cate Del Castillo for her series

Most of the characters that Kate Del Castillo plays are strong, brave and extremely brave women., Which has great physical resistance, as is the case with Teresa in La Reina del Sur. That is why the exercises that the actress does are usually rather intense.

At least that’s how he shows him in his Instagram Stories, constantly showing what his workout routines are to keep him in shape. In fact, his personal trainer, alexfitbox on Instagram, posted the following video commenting: “Today we reached an agreement with katedelcastillo that the protagonist #armasdemujer and # reinadelsur3 are ready (…) every day to reach the goal more and more of what is needed.”

Thanks to this dedication and determination when playing sports, Achieved a flowery figure at 48: On a previous photo shoot, she showed off her flat stomach with smart low-cut pants. Mom jeans, With a crop top in black.

The delicacy is also part of Kate del Castillo’s outfit

But just like the protagonist like the series The lie It has an adventurous and rough side, and it has another very sensitive and delicate side. She showed this by wearing this elegant pink silk dress, the style of the lingerie, displaying her harmonious figure and her natural beauty.

In another photo he posted to his gallery on Instagram, on the theme of #TBT Thursday, he recalled a previous photo shoot in which he also wore a silk dress with straps, which indicates that it is a very elegant and sober fabric, perfect for all occasions.

So Kate Del Castillo emphasized that a woman can be whatever she wants, not what the artistic medium dictates. She can be rebellious one day, delicate the next, and the next day wearing a frill skirt and beach top, and having a good day in the sun.


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