They reject the accusation in the Senate of Chile

They reject the accusation in the Senate of Chile

(CNN Español) – The Chilean Senate has not approved the constitutional impeachment against President Sebastian Pinera. The votes needed to move the motion forward were not obtained: two-thirds (29 votes) of the Senate could not be reached for impeachment.

was the accusation Approved on November 9 in the Chilean House of Representatives.

Chile’s opposition groups agreed in early October to file a constitutional indictment against Pinera, after Minera Dominga in the British Virgin Islands revealed a sale and purchase agreement in which the president’s family sold their share of the project to another Chilean businessman.

In Chile, a constitutional indictment is a congressional mechanism that seeks to clarify the political responsibilities of high public office for any contravention of the constitution. After a political trial, the defendant can be removed from office or removed from office.

Previously, Piñera had already denied any kind of wrongdoing in the sale of the Dominga mining project.

In 2019, the Chamber of Deputies and Representatives already attempted to promote a constitutional accusation against Pinera over the “gross and systematic violations of human rights committed by agents of the state” during the social outbreak, but the measure did not work because it did not meet the necessary votes.

With information from Christopher Oloa and CNN Chile

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