They restrict the movements of a former basketball teacher who abused a student

They restrict the movements of a former basketball teacher who abused a student

At a hearing last week, the first instance court decided to impose a series of restrictions To former Deportivo Rocca basketball coach, Guido Gadaniotto, who has been found responsible for the aggravated sexual assault crime.

eThe court, presided over by Judge Daniel Tobares and his colleagues Alejandro Peleson and Gaston Martin, held a hearing to assess the application submitted by the Office of the Prosecutor and the complaint coordinated by attorneys Oscar Pineda and Pablo Iribaren.

As Pineda explained, S.They jointly requested a series of measures to prevent the possible escape of GadanyutoAfter admitting guilt.

As a first measure, The basketball player will not be able to leave the country, so a letter has already been sent to the National Directorate of Immigration.
There was also a Prevent approaching the victim and you will not be able to travel to another governorate without proper permission By the court.

“at least You must report to Seventh Five Jump Police Station once a weekThe lawyer, where he currently resides, said.

In this way, the complaint – according to Pineda himself – It sought to avoid any kind of escape, as had happened in other events that had occurred in this region.

Judicial sources They indicated that the athlete himself and his lawyer, Juan Luis Vincente, participated in the session, which was held by means of proximity, who did not oppose the procedures.And the

On December 22nd Gadanyuto was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault.

It turns out that the victim A 13-year-old player who in 2015 was part of the Deportivo Roca women’s team.
To the court, There were no doubts about Gadañoto’s responsibility, which is why the testimony of the young woman herself – who is currently 18 – was essential. But also from experts who interviewed the victim.

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For this kind of crime, The penal code provides for a minimum sentence of 6 years in prison, but the punishment that Gadanyuto will face will not be known until February, When judicial justice ends. There, the Caesarean section will be held where the amount of punishment to be executed will be determined.

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