Video | Netflix promotes Cobra Kai 3 as “Sensei” from Barras Praderas

Video |  Netflix promotes Cobra Kai 3 as “Sensei” from Barras Praderas

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No longer “coach” Paras Braderas. It is now “Sensei” Prairie Barat. What a creative and innovative way Netflix to promote Cobra Kai 3 series in Mexico, Which in itself is already a success on the broadcast platform not only in our country but all over the world.

That is, through a promotion in which he appears Paul Villafuert Gym coach at Popular neighborhood in Naucalpan Who is now the Mexican cobra cai: If the Cobra Kai says ‘No mercy’ I say ‘No fear of success, Dad.’

Paul Villafuert “Sensei” and the new “Dojo”

“He is without fear of success, Dad!” “Think about your ex!” “So, clean!” , Are the phrases that Paul Villafuert, Became famous and now take another level to now climb karate black belt and get new one Dojo He teaches his subjects, as it happens in a series Cobra cay, The Netflix original production that comes from the Karate Kid saga.

John Chris, founder of Cobra Kay, Paul Breed

Paul Villafuerte has garnered a lot of respect based on his winning mindset (after losing his left leg and the ability to move in his left arm), John Chris, “founder” of Cobra Cay, He praised the Mexican “coach”, saying that “this man escaped death.”

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