They steal parcels outside of their homes

They steal parcels outside of their homes

Staff / El Paso Newspaper

Thursday 4 March 2021 | 17:48

At least two robbers have become a Las Cruces Police (LCPD) nightmare. Reports indicate that parcel delivery vehicles track and steal goods outside the homes they are being delivered to.

Just before 11 a.m. on January 25, a FedEx delivery truck, fitted with a dashboard camera, recorded a video of the suspicious car as a passenger entered the home and stole a package that had just been delivered. The recipients of that package also attended the event.

Las Cruces Police obtained the video from FedEx and identified the suspect vehicle as a gray Hyundai Sonata. The registered owner of the vehicle has also been identified. The owner told the police that he often loaned the car to his friends and acquaintances. LCPD is asking the public to help identify the gray Hyundai driver and passenger who was seen stealing a package from the Burley Ct’s 1300 block. The police believe the couple are responsible for other similar robberies.

Consumers may also consider purchasing package content insurance on time for delivery. Item insurance does not prevent theft, but it does help compensate it if the items are lost.

Anyone with information about your identity should contact the police at (575) 526-0795. The Las Cruces Police Department is actively conducting an anti-corridor piracy operation. The operation has already resulted in an arrest.

Take note:

Las Cruces Police Officers suggest following these tips to help prevent balcony piracy:

Track deliveries online and try to be at home the moment packages are delivered.

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A signature is required for all home delivery packages.

When scheduling the delivery, please leave instructions on where to deliver the package.

Request an electronic notification upon delivery.

Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to collect your package upon delivery.

If possible, deliver the package to your place of business or a place where you know it can be received safely.

Schedule online purchases from major retailers to have them delivered to your local store, where you can arrange pickup at the sidewalk.

Hand the package over to the FedEx or UPS store, where it can be kept for collection.

Consider installing a motion-sensitive home security system, such as Ring or Nest, that records video and sends an instant notification of activity to your smartphone.

Be a good neighbor, watch out for any suspicious activity, and call the police if you see this.

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