Ismail Miranda was re-admitted into intensive care; They ask to pray for their health

Ismail Miranda was re-admitted into intensive care;  They ask to pray for their health

Puerto Rico Salsero Ismail Miranda Once again hospitalized, tonight as musician Bobby Cruz confirmed his friend.

We received news that Ismail Miranda has returned to the intensive care unit. Cruz wrote on his Facebook account, Who is obligated to raise Ishmael in prayer?

“We need all of the people of God to pray. If you get this leaflet, take a moment and raise the supplication for Ishmael,” the chanter added.

According to Puerto Rican media, Primera Hora, at the beginning of 2021, a “Caritas” interpreter was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack and lasted for several days in a state of close surveillance.

His health began to deteriorate since he suffered a stroke on January 23 and had to undergo emergency surgery. Although he was able to leave the ICU days later, he had to be brought back into the ICU on February 5th.

A week later, on February 12, he was discharged from hospital and it was announced that he would be transferred to the rehabilitation center.

Yesterday, Wednesday, in an interview with Primera Hora, Miranda’s wife, Janice Patley, indicated that the singer was already home – after spending about three weeks in a rehab, but months of recovery await him.

He said: “At the moment he is in a recovery process that will last a few months, but he is fine, his spirits are good, and he is fighting to feel comfortable as he was before all of this.”

The emotional partner of the singer asked fans and the audience to continue praying for his recovery, which would be a five to six month process, at the discretion of the doctors.

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Noticel states that Miranda, 70, known as ‘Beautiful salsa boy’Belongs to the distinguished orchestra Vania all stars, Which was co-founded by the legendary Dominican musician Johnny Pacheco, who died on February 15, and in his more than 50 years in salsa music, he achieved musical successes that became classics of the genre such as “Abran paso” and “Señor Sereno”, “these It is the composition of the son, “The Angles,” “Borinquen has montuno,” “Don’t tell me it’s late,” “Galera 3” and “Caretas”, among other things.

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