They suggest moving the BUC mural to another space in Vila-real to avoid vandalism

They suggest moving the BUC mural to another space in Vila-real to avoid vandalism

The mayor of Villa Real, Jose Benloch, confirms this will replace the cut sculpture MirageAnd the It is located in the square between the Biblioteca Universitària del Coneixement (BUC) and the Nuestra Señora de la Consolación school which, soon after its installation, A pasture of vandalism to the point of losing almost all of its ceramic elements.

The first mayor defends that this design was the winner of the competition for proposals submitted by students of the Schools of Art and Design Superior in Valencia and Castillo, for which «It must be remade,” although he concedes that due to the peculiarity of creation, some pieces can fall off simply by touching them..

renewal MirageIt will be accompanied by some kind of protection, Benlloch explains. If they decide to keep it in the current pocket with that in mind BUC will be the central library of the city in a few monthsThis protection will be provided by security cameras, as the council recently announced that they will put this type of newer generation device, although it also indicates a possible reinforcement of the police presence in the area.

Another option suggested by the mayor is to move the statue, For example, to the courtyard of the Center de Congressos, Fires i Trobades so that it is more protected but still can be seen when this space hosts some kind of activity.


Regarding rudeness, Benloch asserts: “It is a disaster that we suffer not only here, but in many municipalities. People are out again and there are people who don’t respect what’s for everyone. And calls to get one Greater participation in the education of young people who are the authors of the workAs well as the company that participated in the construction, which is local.

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Meanwhile, the Mayor of Science, Innovation and Universities, Eduardo Pérez, insists that this design was designed to occupy an outdoor space, and they even made some changes regarding the initial sketch for the greater enjoyment of the citizens. «The city should be friendly and you should admire its beautyBut we have a serious problem that is beyond our powers.”

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