“They tell me I have to lose weight and be at size 2 to be the protagonist”: Sandra Echeverría | Algebraic

“They tell me I have to lose weight and be at size 2 to be the protagonist”: Sandra Echeverría |  Algebraic

Mexico City: Sandra Echeverria has a long artistic life in the world of television and she started from a very young age to take theater lessons to be able to excel in the show.

The actress posted, through her official account on the Instagram site, a photo of her wearing a two-piece bikini, which allowed her to show her flat stomach.

He added in the post that he was initially told that in order to become the hero of a telenovela, he had to reach a certain weight, and at that time the actress was far from reaching it.

She also admitted that after she gave birth to her son she was told that she was very thin and that she had to regain her muscle mass in order to be able to appear on TV.

When I was young, they always told me that I had to lose weight and be a size 2 to become the protagonist (apparently he wasn’t even close to him being) they shocked me and all my teenage years I always tried to lose weight. After I gave birth to my son, they tell me I have to gain weight because I have lost so much. Same thing when I had bacteria in my gut. This sum is never enough for anyone, “the actress wrote.

The actress received hundreds of comments from her followers that reminded her of how beautiful she is and the most important thing is to be good with yourself.

For her part, Sandra Echeverria added that during the epidemic she was able to spend some time exercising and eating healthy to feel better.

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As if that weren’t enough, the artist explained that she does not believe in surgeries or that she needs to look like someone else, because she considers personal work the most important thing.

In recent months, the artist has shared some videos in which she has appeared singing, with the aim of entertaining and distracting her fans.

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