They warn of a scam that sends mysterious, unwanted Amazon packages

They warn of a scam that sends mysterious, unwanted Amazon packages


October 29, 2021 21:44 GMT

This scam known as “brushing” is used to increase the seller’s ranking in the portal’s search system.

Over a million households in the UK have been scammed Third-party Amazon sellers send unsolicited packages for different addresses.

The scam known asbrushing (Brushing the teeth), which is shipping cheap goods to different people and recording them as real sales of other merchandise. These fake sales can make some products seem more popular than they really are, etc. Improve the ranking of external sellers In the gate according to Investigation Conducted by the Consumer Protection Organization, “Which?”.

The group interviewed 1,839 people from the UK and revealed that 4% indicated that a loved one had received an unsolicited package. Of those surveyed who received one, 63% said they kept it, 28% got rid of it, and 16% gave it up.

Items received include magnetic eyelashes, pet and kids toys, eyelash serum, iPhone cases, medical gloves, and more. Cheap items to ship In large quantities.

While receiving these products didn’t seem to cost the recipients anything, it did raise questions about how third-party sellers find their personal data.

The Director of Policy and Advocacy at Which? Rocio Concha said consumers should be able to trust the popularity and reviews of the products they buy, so “Amazon needs to do more to Thoroughly check tumble dryer scams and suppress marketers who try to mislead consumers.”

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Amazon, for its part, said the “cleaning” is being done “by bad actors who get names and addresses from various third-party sources” that affect all online marketplaces.

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