They warn of scams in Havana

They warn of scams in Havana

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Friday, September 15, 2023

Through social networks, Cubans are warning of alleged fraud in the island’s capital, Havana.

The post, which has been shared more than 800 times, shows a woman identified by other people as an alleged fraudster.

At the time of writing, it was not clear how the person worked or whether he had other accomplices, but several Cubans identified him as responsible for several money thefts.

This is the testimony of Cuban Eliana Ferrandez:

“Please share immediately among family and friends. This person came to my house pretending to be a childhood friend whom I have not seen for many years. The way he behaves: He tells you that he is a person you know from childhood in a field town that you went to often and that we loved each other and played. You tell her the name of the town and she says To you, yes, this is the same. You tell her that you do not know her and she insists that you remember. You tell her a name and she says: Yes, the same thing.

“He starts talking and tells you that he has a sick brother who has been admitted to Calixto and that he needs you to provide money in dollars for him. When you tell him no, he immediately says that he is leaving, and is constantly fiddling with his wallet. We realized that he was lying because the person he claimed did not have any brother, and realized Later that the person who claimed to be dead, all this makes us believe that this person is a thief or a fraud, and fortunately we have the camera at home and we were able to verify that he is not who he said: “This person is doing this in Arroyo Naranjo near La Palma and Vibora Park.” “.

In this complaint, other Cuban women mentioned their knowledge of the scam:

“Too much attention is not enough, this has already happened to someone I know. Pay attention and be very careful, Ms. Akl,” another internet user said.


Another Cuban asked: “Please, if you find her, can you write me, she defrauded some of my neighbors out of their entire savings too.”


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